Staff Tim-Ogle-10

Dr. Timothy L. Ogle

Executive Director
Staff Tracey-Benson-15

Tracey Benson

Associate Executive Director
Staff chris-thomas-A

Chris Thomas

General Counsel, Associate Executive Director
Staff Ellen-White-16

Ellen White

Director of Business and Conferences Services
Staff Heidi-Vega-06

Heidi Vega

Director of Communications
Staff Lisa-Irish-08

Lisa Irish

Arizona Education News Reporter
Staff missing-199x300

Brooke Razo

Multimedia Communications Coordinator
Staff Chris_Kotterman

Christopher Kotterman

Director of Governmental Relations
Staff darbi_jenkins_sm-199x300

Darbi Jenkins

Governmental Relations Analyst
Staff Karen-Loftos-03

Karen Loftus

Director of Leadership Development
Staff Dr_Terry_Rowles-199x300

Dr. Terry L. Rowles

Assistant Director, Policy Services
Staff steven-highlen-A

Steve Highlen

Executive Search & Senior Policy Consultant
Staff E.-Renae-Watson-17

Renae Watson

Policy Services Technical Assistant
Staff David-DeCabooter-06

David DeCabooter

Policy Consultant
Staff Kristi-Johnson-08

Kristi Sisk

Executive Assistant
Staff Shirley-Simpson-07

Shirley Simpson

Membership Services Coordinator
Staff Jolene-Hale-05

Jolene Hale

Administrative Assistant to Leadership Development
Staff Sara-Nilsson-09

Sara Nilsson

Administrative Assistant to Leadership Development
Staff missing-199x300

Gina Moss

Administrative Assistant for General Counsel and Director of Government Relations
Staff Nicole-Giver-23

Nicole Giver

Staff missing-225x300-199x300

carrie mintie

Staff Anabel_nocrop-200x300-199x300

Anabel Aportela, Ph.D.

ASBA/AASBO Director of Research
Staff Mike-Barcia-02

Michael Barcia

IT Manager