Cactus Pin Award

The Arizona School Boards Association Cactus Pin Award recognizes board members for service in ASBA, the National School Boards Association, and local board and community advocacy activities that go above and beyond regular board duties in supporting local control and public education.

This year, qualifiers include:

  • Testified on behalf of ASBA’s official position at a committee meeting, hearing of the legislature or state agency (20 points per testimony)
  • Used the “Request to Speak” system (10 points per occurrence)
  • Registered for the “Request to Speak” system (5 points)
  • Attended the “Day at the Capitol” (20 points)
  • Wrote a letter to your elected official (10 points per issue)
  • Wrote a Letter to the Editor supporting public education (5 points per letter)
  • Interviewed for broadcast or publication (10 points per event)
  • Served as a speaker, presenter, panelist or moderator at an ASBA or NSBA conference, convention or workshop (20 points per event)
  • Served on the ASBA Board of Directors (40 points)
  • Served on an ASBA committee (20 points)
  • Served as a delegate at the Delegate Assembly (20 points)
  • Served at the NSBA level (20 points)
  • Acted on behalf of your board or as a representative of public education in community outreach efforts (10 points per year per purpose)
The ASBA Cactus Pin Award Application

Recognition is given annually for service between July 1 and June 30. Points are awarded for each activity based on member application and validation of data.

Point Requirements:

  • Gold Cactus Pin = 150 or more points
  • Silver Cactus Pin = 75-149 points
  • Certificate of Achievement = 60-74 points

2017 Cactus Pin Award Application

Board members who wish to qualify for this year’s Cactus Pin Award must complete this form and return it to ASBA by June 1, 2017.
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