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CommunicationsGuiding questions Equity ChallengePDFPDF2/14/17
CommunicationsEquity challenge graphics (social media)Equity Challenge

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CommunicationsMedia release Equity Challenge
CommunicationsChallenge acknowledgement certificatesEquity Challenge
CommunicationsSchool Board ServiceYouTube
CommunicationsASBA Services Overview YouTube
AdvocacyProp. 123PDFYouTube1/31/17
AdvocacyThe Data: ESA cost to the state by school district and legislative districtESAExcel Document 2/15/17
AdvocacyThe Basic Facts & Talking Points ESAPDF2/15/17
Advocacy Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts: How they work and the cost to the state general fundESAWebinar Recording
AdvocacyAcademic Accountability – How to ESAs compare? ESAInfographic 2/15/17
AdvocacyWhat are ESAsESAInfographic2/15/17
AdvocacyAZ can’t afford wide-spread ESA expansionESAInfographic2/15/17
AdvocacyVouchers don’t save money ESAInfographic2/15/17
AdvocacyPublic Money in Private Schools - Empowerment Scholarship Accounts ESAYouTube2/15/17
Learning CenterNew School Board MemberNew Board Member OrientationYouTube2/14/17
EventsASBA Event Registration YouTube2/14/17
PolicyPolicyBridge Overview and FAQs YouTube2/14/17
Legislative2016 Annual ASBA AASBO Legislative and Budget Wrap Up Webinar YouTube2/14/17
Advocacy Top 50 AZ High Schools_Few Results-Based FundingPDFPDF4/26/17
AdvocacyA-F Formula PDF
SBE: Amended Agenda
SBE Adopts A-F School Accountability Plan
AdvocacyGovernor Results Based FundingPDFPDF4/26/17
AdvocacyUnrestored Budget CutsWebpage

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  4. District cuts include possible 301 loss Graph

  5. Building Renewal Graph

  6. State & local funding adjusted for inflation Graph

  7. Revenues by source Graph