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CommunicationsGuiding questions Equity ChallengePDFPDF2/14/17
CommunicationsEquity challenge graphics (social media)Equity Challenge

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CommunicationsMedia release Equity Challenge
CommunicationsChallenge acknowledgement certificatesEquity Challenge
CommunicationsSchool Board ServiceYouTube
CommunicationsASBA Services Overview YouTube
AdvocacyProp. 123PDFYouTube1/31/17
AdvocacyThe Data: ESA cost to the state by school district and legislative districtESAExcel Document 2/15/17
AdvocacyThe Basic Facts & Talking Points ESAPDF2/15/17
Advocacy Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts: How they work and the cost to the state general fundESAWebinar Recording
AdvocacyAcademic Accountability – How to ESAs compare? ESAInfographic 2/15/17
AdvocacyWhat are ESAsESAInfographic2/15/17
AdvocacyAZ can’t afford wide-spread ESA expansionESAInfographic2/15/17
AdvocacyVouchers don’t save money ESAInfographic2/15/17
AdvocacyPublic Money in Private Schools - Empowerment Scholarship Accounts ESAYouTube2/15/17
Learning CenterNew School Board MemberNew Board Member OrientationYouTube2/14/17
EventsASBA Event Registration YouTube2/14/17
PolicyPolicyBridge Overview and FAQs YouTube2/14/17
Legislative2016 Annual ASBA AASBO Legislative and Budget Wrap Up Webinar YouTube2/14/17
Advocacy Top 50 AZ High Schools_Few Results-Based FundingPDFPDF4/26/17
AdvocacyA-F Formula PDF
SBE: Amended Agenda
SBE Adopts A-F School Accountability Plan
AdvocacyGovernor Results Based FundingPDFPDF4/26/17
AdvocacyUnrestored Budget CutsWebpage

  1. Part 1 Graphic

  2. Part 2 Graphic

  3. Part 3 Graphic

  4. District cuts include possible 301 loss Graph

  5. Building Renewal Graph

  6. State & local funding adjusted for inflation Graph

  7. Revenues by source Graph
AdvocacyASBA letter to AZ Senators on BCRALetter to Senator McCain
Letter to Senator Flake
PolicyCampaigning Do's and Don'tsCampaigning Do's and Don'ts
DataResults-Based Funding Formula Rewards Fewer Students in PovertyResults Based FundingWebpage
Webinar Archive
Results Based PowerPoint
DataSpecial Education Funding Gap Special Education Funding Gap
Special Education Funding Gap PowerPoint

Arizona special-ed funding benefits schools with fewest special-ed students
PolicySchool District Governing Board Transitions –
Frequently Asked Questions

School District Governing Board Transitions –
Frequently Asked Questions

Services & ResourcesBoard Self-Evaluation FlyerBoard Self-Evaluation Flyer
Services & ResourcesThis is ASBA FlyerThis is ASBA Flyer
CommunicationsStay Connected with ASBA on FacebookWebpage
Policy2017 Regional Policy Workshop Presentations Presentation 1 - Plyler v Doe

Presentation 2 - Policy Bridge

Presentation 3 - Policy for That

Presentation 4 - Public Records

Presentation 5 - Legislative Update

Presentation 6 - Employee Leave

Presentation 7 - Policy Review Process

Presentation 8 - Employee Handbook.2

Presentation 9 - Education ABCs
DataAuditor General Classroom Spending Report RegraphedClassroom FundingPresentation 1 - Plyler v DoePDF3/2/18
PolicyGoverning Board Resolution on school safetySchool SafetyGoverning Board Resolution on school safetyPDF3/2/18