Things you need to know: 
• Senate Education and House Banking Action
• Governor’s Budget Proposal Drops Tomorrow
• Register for Back to Session Webinar

Senate Education

The Senate Education Committee started its first meeting of the session with a presentation from Catcher Baden with the State Board of Education on the A-F system. We should expect final formulas and scores “early this calendar year.”

SB1055 charter schools; rulemaking exemption (Allen) passed 7-0

This bill exempts the state board for charter schools from rulemaking procedures in the same manner the State Board of Education currently enjoys, and conforms language to regarding its powers and duties to match that of the state board of education. ASBA is neutral.

SB1056 schools; letter grades; absenteeism; illness (Allen) passed 7-0
This bill specifies that if SBE uses chronic absenteeism as a factor in school achievement assessments, a student with a severe illness as documented by a physician is not considered chronically absent in the assessment. ASBA is neutral.

House Banking and Insurance

HB2004 ASRS; waiting period; repeal (Livingston) passed 8-0

This bill repeals the requirement for a newly-hired state employee to wait until the 27th week of employment to become a member of ASRS or the ASRS Long-Term Disability Program. ASBA is neutral.

House Education Committee will not meet on Monday, Jan 15th.

Stay Tuned for Budget News

Governor Ducey is releasing his budget proposal midday Friday. The budget will contain the full details of his education spending plan released this week, as well as the status of issues funded in last year’s budget, and most importantly, how he proposes to pay for it all. We will have a full analysis available to you Friday evening following the release.

Back to Session Webinar

The Legislature is back in session! Join ASBA Government Relations staff for an overview of ASBA’s advocacy tools and how you can use them to communicate with your state and federal elected officials, and keep track of ASBA’s position on pending education-related legislation. Click here to register.