Day 10
Things you need to know:
• Ed Bill Heard in House Ways and Means
• SB 1041 Held in Senate Finance
• Senate Education Committee tomorrow

Ed Bill Heard in House Ways and Means
HB 2017 bonds; disclosure; notice (Leach) passed on a 7-2 vote. This bill requires the publicity pamphlet for a bond election to include the estimated tax impact of debt service calculated at the maximum interest rate. It also allows the authorized amount to be used for proposed projects or general purposes. ASBA testified in opposition.

SB 1041 Held in Senate Finance
SB 1041 transfer credits; Arizona online instruction (Allen) was held in Senate Finance today but is on the education agenda for tomorrow morning. The bill would require school districts to accept core credits from AOI and charter schools and would eliminate the ability for districts to adopt policies regarding the acceptance of these credits. The bill also allows students concurrently enrolled in a district and AOI to generate an ADM up to 1.25. ASBA is opposed.

Senate Education Committee Tomorrow
Tomorrow the Senate Education Committee is meeting at 9 a.m. to hear the State of Education from Superintendent Diane Douglas and nine bills.