Below is the full list of 9-12 indicators that the Committee considered.

9-12 College & Career Readiness Rubric — SY 16-17

Earns a Grand Canyon Diploma

Passing score on AZ Merit Algebra 2 or ELA 11

Meets cut score on ACT,

Meets cut score on AP,

CTE Sequence (If data is available)

FAFSA (If data is available)

Military (Bonus point for Growth)

Post-Secondary Enrollment (Bonus point for Growth)

ABOR Requirements

Future consideration 

Passes a college level career pathway course for which college credit can be earned with an A, B C

Passes a college level English, math, science social studies or foreign language course for which college credit can be earned with an A, B, C

Completes a CTE course with an A, B, C

Meets benchmarks for ASVAB

Meets benchmarks for ACT WorkKeys

CLEP, Cambridge A or AS, IB English, math, science, or social studies exam

Meets cut score on SAT English or math exam

Industry Certification

Work-Based Learning (internship)

Lead the way project

Community Service/Service learning

On track to graduate


Mentor Capstone Project

Removed from further consideration

Student employment

Drop Out rate

Chronic Absenteeism


Co-curricular activities


Foreign Language (Encompassed within ABOR requirements)

Arts Education (Encompassed within ABOR requirements)

Civics test

Cultural coursework


Coursework surpassing state graduation requirements

Below is the full list of K-8 items that the Committee considered.

K-8 Readiness and Acceleration Indicators — SY 16-17

Persistence rates – 8th grade to H.S.

Improvements in closing gaps of subgroups

Improvements in the bottom 25% of 3rd graders on literacy

Programs in K-8 academic content areas with standards other than Math, ELA and Science (Bonus Points) (Ex. P.E. programs, Arts, etc.)

Future consideration 

Emotional Learning

Removed from further consideration


Chronic Absenteeism


Extra-curricular activities

Discipline rates

Promotion rates