Legislative Recap: Week 3
This week, House education met on Monday and passed 6 bills out of committee. ASBA was neutral on all of those bills but one: ASBA supported HB 2281 (ELL instruction; dual language programs) which passed out of committee unanimously.

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Education met on Wednesday to hear presentations from staff members of the Arizona Department of Education. You can view their presentations on Title I Programs and the National School Lunch Program.

On Thursday, Senate Education voted on two bills, and only one of them dealt with K-12. SB 1161 (gifted pupils; funding) is a mirror bill to HB 2112 from last week and passed out of the committee unanimously.

The Legislature was quite busy this week in a Special Session passing a package of bills to address the Opioid Epidemic. HB 2001 and SB 1001 were signed late Thursday evening, so we should expect the Education agendas to become more full in the coming weeks.

Bills to Watch for Next Week

In addition to HB 2281 from this week, ASBA is supporting HB 2435 (English language learners; instruction; budgeting) in House Ed next week.

HB 2435 decreases the amount of time ELL students must be in English language development classes from 4 hours per day to 2 hours per day. Also on our radar is HB 2205 (JTED governing boards; membership; prohibition) and HB 2282 (schools; transportation funding; calculation).

In Senate Education on Thursday, we’re excited about SB 1269 (JTEDs; ninth graders; funding; programs) and SB 1270 (CTE certifications; incentive bonus program).

We will also be attending Senate Appropriations this week, as several bills that passed through education last week were also assigned to this committee. In addition, SB 1152 (education; appropriation; noncustodial federal monies) is an issue we’re watching closely.

Friday Advocacy Updates
Every Friday at 3pm, the ASBA Governmental Relations team will be streaming live on our Facebook page.

We’ll go over what happened that week, what’s on the horizon for next week, and tell some dumb jokes along the way.

If you can’t tune in live, they will also be posted on the Advocacy page of our website to view later!

AZ Schools Now Rally
On February 14 at 4pm, please join us for the L.O.V.E. rally!
AZ Schools Now is organizing events at the Capitol in Phoenix, as well as events in Tucson and Prescott. The rally falls during School Choice Week, so please consider coming out to tell your legislators how much you love choosing public education! Click here for more information on each of the events.