Legislative Recap: Week 4
This week also saw relatively light Education agendas. In House Ed, we were opposed to HB 2282 (schools; transportation funding; calculation) which was held after significant opposition testimony. In the Senate, we supported SB 1255 (teachers; alternative performance evaluations), which allows school districts to create an expedited performance review track for teachers who have been formally evaluated 3 years in a row and found to be in the highest performance category.

We were also happy to see SB 1269 (JTEDs; ninth graders; funding programs) pass through the committee-which extends JTED funding for freshmen in certain high-need programs.

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Education heard a presentation from the Arizona Department of Education on Special Education funding. We have one more week of these presentations, before budget recommendations start to be discussed on February 14.

Bills to Watch for Next Week
In House Education on Monday, bills to watch for are HB 2319 (JTED satellite campuses; letter grades) which has a strike-everything amendment that would prohibit JTED school from receiving A-F Letter Grades. HB 2460 (charter schools; vacant buildings; equipment) deals with the conditions under which a public school can sell or lease a building to a charter or private school.

In Senate Education, we’ll be paying attention to SB 1411 (schools; annual achievement profiles) and SB 1449 (schools; statewide assessment contracts). SB 1411 creates a “dashboard” where multiple measures of school quality are assigned an A-F letter grade. SB 1449 deals with procedures for reviewing and renewing contracts for student achievement assessments, which is a hot topic right now with the State Board of Education’s ongoing review of the statewide menu of assessments.

Friday Advocacy Updates
Every Friday at 3pm, the ASBA Governmental Relations team will be streaming live on our Facebook page.

We’ll go over what happened that week, what’s on the horizon for next week, and tell some dumb jokes along the way.

If you can’t tune in live, they will also be posted on the Advocacy page of our website to view later!

AZ Schools Now Rally
On February 14 at 4pm, please join us for the L.O.V.E. rally!
AZ Schools Now is organizing events at the Capitol in Phoenix, as well as events in Tucson and Prescott. The rally falls during School Choice Week, so please consider coming out to tell your legislators how much you love choosing public education! Click here for more information on each of the events.