Things you need to know: 
• 4 Bills Passed Senate Appropriations
• 2 Bills Discussed in Senate Appropriations
• 2 Bills Passed COW
• 2 Bills Passed Third Read

Passed Senate Appropriations
SB 1161 gifted pupils; funding (Brophy McGee) passed as amended 10-0. This a mirror bill to HB 2112. It appropriates $5,000,000 from the general fund in FY 2018-2019 to the Department of Education. $4,500,000 is for additional assistance for gifted programs and $500,000 is to be distributed as grants for school districts and charter schools that apply to the Department for assessments to identify gifted pupils. ASBA supports.

SB 1254 special education; cost study (S. Allen) passed 8-0. This bill requires the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) to conduct an audit and cost study of special education programs. The audit will consist of no more than 60 district and charter schools to report on special education program expenditures for each disability classification. Appropriates $150,000 over three years from the general fund to defray costs for schools selected in the audit and $180,000 over three years to the OAG to perform the audit. ASBA supports.

SB 1378 schools; bonds; overrides; funding sources (S. Allen) passed 5-3. This bill requires the informational report or publicity pamphlet for a school district budget override or bond election to include a statement of the total amount of revenues the school district received per pupil from federal, state and local funding sources for the fiscal year and any additional, per pupil revenue or expenditure information the governing board chooses to provide. ASBA is opposed.

SB 1444 schools; American civics education (Yee) passed 9-1. This bill requires that the SBE include American civics education in social studies and requires the ADE to develop a five-year pilot program for 9-12th graders that enhances the focus on American civics education in participating schools. The program will begin in the 2019 school year and both district and charter schools can volunteer to participate for five consecutive years. ASBA is neutral.

Discussed in Senate Appropriations

SB 1269 JTEDs; ninth graders; funding; programs (S. Allen). ASBA supports.
SB 1270 CTE certifications; incentive bonus program (S. Allen). ASBA is neutral.

Passed COW
HB 2112 funding; gifted pupils (Carter) passed as amended. ASBA supports.
HB 2561 schools; civic literacy state seal (Boyer) passed as amended. ASBA is neutral.

Passed Third Read
SB 1255 teachers; alternative performance evaluations (S. Allen) passed as amended 30-0. ASBA supports.
HB 2022 appropriation; ASDB; education program (Boyer) passed 57-0-3. ASBA is neutral.