AZ Schools Now Capitol Action Day 

On Monday, AZ Schools Now put together a day of action at the Capitol to support public education. Over 150 parent and education advocates joined together to write postcards, sign up for RTS and share positive stories about public education. The postcards addressed to Speaker Mesnard and President Yarbrough asked for the budget process to be open and transparent to allow community members to comment. The hand delivered postcards also urged legislators to vote no on the two ESA expansion bills moving through the process. If you are interested in getting more involved, make sure to check out information about the ASBA lobby day on March 6th below.

Check out this video by 3TV and the article by The Arizona Republic on the AZ Schools Now event.

Lobby Day March 6th
Mark your calendars for March 6th at 10:00 am for ASBA Lobby Day.

Members will have an opportunity to come down to the capitol and lobby their legislators directly on ESAs, the budget, and other issues of importance to locally elected school boards.

The day will begin with an advocacy workshop in the Historic Senate Chambers at 10 a.m. After a break for lunch members will have the chance to watch the House/Senate in action as they debate bills on the floor. Lastly, for those who want to stay the House Education will be meeting at 2 pm.

Register here.

Legislative Recap Week 7

This week at the Capitol there was no education committee due to the House and Senate swapping bills. The appropriation committee met in both the House and Senate and discussed ed related bills. Combined they passed out three bills related to professional development programs and college readiness exams.

All week the floor sessions were quite long and packed with several COW and third read calendars. Between both chambers, 33 bills passed out of COW and third read. Next week committee meetings will resume, see above for agendas.

To see ASBA’s position on all active bills, click here.

ASBA sends Prop 123 letter to legislators

As the budget discussion nears, it is important that legislators understand the effect of Prop 123 on districts, especially with respect to available resources. Recent discussion in the public arena has suggested that school districts have ample funds through Prop. 123 for their governing boards to provide sorely needed raises to their teachers.  We understand that school district governing boards are using these resources to address a range of operational needs.  This week Dr. Tim Ogle, ASBA Executive Director, sent a letter addressing this issue to all 90 members of the Arizona State Legislature.

Click here to read the full letter.