Things you need to know:
• House Education Update
• Appointees selected to replace Rep. Shooter
• In Case You Missed It: Friday’s Advocacy Update

House Education Update

HB 2319 (s/e: JTEDs; letter grades; exclusion) passed 10-0
HB 2319 was subject to a strike-everything amendment. This bill prevents the Arizona Department of Education from assigning A-F Letter Grades to JTEDs. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2343 (schools; child abuse hotline) passed 11-0
This bill requires all district and charter schools to post a sign, with specific requirements, in a public area that contains: the phone number of the child abuse and neglect hotline, instructions for making 911 calls, and information for accessing the Department of Child Services website. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2460 (charter schools; vacant buildings; equipment) passed 7-4
This bill specifies that if a school district is selling or leasing a vacant or unused building, they are prohibited from accepting an offer from a potential buyer or lessee that’s less than an offer from a charter or private school. School districts are also prohibited from withdrawing the property from sale solely because a charter or private school is the highest bidder. ASBA is opposed.

HB 2477 (high school mathematics; proficiency; notification) passed 9-1
This bill prescribes that if the statewide assessment results are available before the start of each school year, then school districts and charter schools must provide notification in the first quarter of the year to parents of 6th-8th graders who failed to demonstrate proficiency in grade-level mathematics. The notification must include the following: a description of the student’s mathematics deficiencies based on the statewide assessment, a description of the current mathematics services provided by the district, including supplemental instruction and supporting programs. ASBA is neutral.

A new face at the table…
Representative John Allen (Republican, LD15) was appointed to the Education committee to replace Former Rep. Shooter. Representative David Livingston (Republican, LD 22) was appointed to the Appropriations committee.

Catch what you missed
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