Things you need to know:

  • 4 bills passed House Ed

SB 1037 special education cost study (Allen) passed as amended on a 9-0-2 vote. This bill requires the auditor general to conduct a special audit and cost study of school district and charter school special education programs. ASBA supports. As you know, strengthening the school finance formula to equitably and adequately fund public schools is the number one item on our 2017 Political Agenda. This bill is a step in the right direction towards achieving that goal. ASBA is actively working with the bill sponsor and stakeholders to ensure the cost study is not overly burdensome for school districts.

SB 1034 appropriations; teacher student loan program (Allen) passed on a 10-0-0-1 vote. This bill appropriates $250,000 to the math, science and special education teacher student loan fund. ASBA supports.

SB 1038 teachers; professional development; pilot program (Allen) passed on a 9-0-2 vote.  This bill appropriates $300,000 to ADE in order to fund a grant based professional development program. To qualify for the program, teachers must agree to teach in Arizona for three years following the coursework completion. ASBA supports.

SB 1254 schools; admissions; desegregation (Griffin) passed on a 7-2-2 vote.
 This bill allows charter schools to admit students from a district school under a desegregation order or an agreement with the Office of Civil Rights. ASBA is neutral.