Legislative Recap: Week 9

In House Education on Monday, 4 bills were passed. We were excited about SB 1255 (teachers; alternative performance evaluations), which passed through committee unanimously and allows districts to create an alternative, expedited review process for teachers who have been formally evaluated 3 times and are found to be highly performing.

Senate Education had a bit longer agenda, with 20 K-12 bills passing through the committee. Most notably, HB 2187 (schools; teacher evaluation systems) and HB 2435 (English language learners; instruction; budgeting) both passed unanimously. HB 2187 removes the requirement that student academic progress account for 33-50% of a teacher’s evaluation. HB 2435 makes significant changes to the state’s ELL model, including reducing the minimum amount of instruction in ELL from 4 hours per day to 120 minutes per day.

 HB 2377 (teachers’ school supplies; tax credit) failed by a vote of 23-31 a few weeks ago, but the sponsor made a motion to reconsider and the measure passed by a vote of 34-20 on Thursday. It will now move on to the Senate, but doesn’t have much time to be heard in committee before the March 23 deadline.

Bills to Watch for Next Week

In House Education on Monday, the committee has a light agenda and will hear SB 1291 (schools; pupil assessment data) and SB 1444 (schools; American civics education). ASBA is neutral on both of these bills. 

In Senate Education on Thursday, the committee will hear several of Rep. Carter’s health-related bills such as HB 2088 (schools; concussions; parental notification) and HB 2323 (schools; inhalers; contracted nurses). 

ASBA Lobby Day
On Monday, March 19, the ASBA Governmental Relations team will be hosting a Lobby Day at the Capitol. Come to learn more about key issues and how to be an effective advocate, as well as Q & A with members of the Education committees. This event is free to attend. Click here to RSVP!

In Case You Miss Us….

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