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• 1 Bill Passed Third Read
• Latest News on Governor’s Budget Proposal
• Summary of School Safety Bill

Passed Third Read

HB 2089 interscholastic activities; health dangers; information (Carter) passed as amended 28-1. ASBA is neutral.

K-12 Budget Developments

We had a surprising and positive day at the Capitol! Governor Ducey decided the time was right to share what his office has planned for the 2019 budget in terms of K-12 funding. You can view a recording of the press conference here.

Though we haven’t seen any official language or fine print, the Governor has committed to giving districts enough new money to create a 10% increase in total teacher compensation starting this August. In 2019, that number will increase to 15% and will reach 20% by the year 2020.

This is without touching the $100M the Governor promised this year in restored District Additional Assistance. The money would be added to the base formula calculation and would be adjusted for inflation each year, as is required by Prop 123.

To create this revenue, the Governor has taken out any requests for his own personal initiatives in the budget and will be cutting money from the budgets of agencies that have seen decreased case loads with the recovery of the economy. No specific details on what those cuts look like is available at this time.

If you watch the video, you may see our very own Chris Kotterman standing behind the Governor in support. We welcome this increase in new money to our districts and eagerly await the passing of a budget!

SB 1519
protective orders; schools; appropriations
The School Safety bill has been first read in the Senate and assigned to a hearing in Senate Commerce and Public Safety on Monday afternoon.

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