Things you need to know:

  • 5 Bills Approved on Final Read and 3rd Read
  • State Board of Education Approves New A-F Formula

HB 2108 education; conforming changes (Boyer) passed Senate Final Reading on a 29-0-1 vote and is ready for the Governor. This bill makes technical and conforming changes. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2202 schools; dyslexia; handbook; definition (Norgaard) passed Senate Final Reading on a 29-0-1 vote and is ready for the Governor. This bill requires ADE to create and maintain a dyslexia handbook for schools to provide guidance to students, teachers, and parents. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2385 schools; accounting; budgeting; reporting (Boyer) passed House Final Read on a 31-24-4 vote and is ready for the Governor. This bill requires school report cards to include school level data including state, local, federal, school site fund monies, and teacher pay, teacher benefits and a comparison to other schools funding within the school district. ASBA neutral.

HB 2416 school district governing boards; qualifications (Coleman) passed House Final Read on a 48-7-4 vote and is ready for the Governor. This bill prohibits school board members, on a five-member board, within a county of more than five hundred thousand, from serving simultaneously with more than two individuals that are related by affinity or consanguinity to the third degree. Additionally, it prohibits a person who provides direct services to a school district through a third-party contract from serving on the board. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1204 high school textbooks; review period (Griffin) passed House Third Read on a 32-22-5 vote and is ready for the Senate. This bill requires school district governing boards to have high school textbook review and selection meetings open to the public as well as provide a 60 day public comment period. ASBA is neutral.

While there is still no official budget, discussions surrounding the Governor’s education funding proposals continue. One being the $38 million dollars for results-based funding. This program is intended to reward high-performing schools, in both high and low-income areas, with additional dollars. However, the numbers show that the majority of these dollars, if approved, will go towards students in high-income areas. ASBA created these graphs to illustrate how the proposed funding breaks down by school, poverty and the percentage of free and reduced lunch.

Check out this article by the Arizona Republic that discusses the Governor’s proposal in detail.

State Board of Education Approves New A-F Formula
Today, the State Board of Education met for their April meeting to approve the new A-F system among other things. After a robust discussion, the Board approved the following Ad Hoc Committee recommendations.


This decision reflects a greater emphasis on academic growth and college and career readiness that ASBA advocated for. Thank you to everyone who contacted the State Board members in support of the Ad Hoc Committee’s recommendations. If you are interested in the full report from the ad hoc committee, click here.

Tune in on Thursday, April 27th at 11 a.m. as ASBA discusses in more detail the changes made to the A-F formula that reflect a broader measure of school quality, including non-test measures and a greater emphasis on academic growth, and when those letter grades might be available. Register here.

To see the full summary of the April State Board of Education meeting, click here.