Things you need to know: 
• 1 Bill Passed COW
• 1 Bill Retained on COW

Today’s Floor Action

It has been a quiet week at the Capitol so far, and we’re largely just waiting for any news on budget deals or school safety. We didn’t see any movement on K-12 bills yesterday.

HB 2088 pupils; concussions; parental notification (Carter) passed as amended. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2435 English language learners; instruction; budgeting (Boyer) was retained on the Senate COW calendar.

A floor amendment was offered on 2435 that would preserve the requirement for 4 hours of ELL instruction in the first year in which a student is classified as an ELL student, and then the requirement would be tapered down in subsequent years as is currently written in the House engrossed version of the bill.

Some Senators were unhappy with this amendment, which was then withdrawn and 2435 was retained on the COW calendar. We will continue to update you on any changes to 2435.