Things you need to know:

  • 4 More Bills Approved on 3rd & Final Read
  • Congress Announces Short-Term Funding Plan
  • Arizona’s top-ranked high schools get results, but not results-based funding
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4 Bills Approved on 3rd Read & Final Read

SB 1036 charter school; rulemaking exemption (Allen) passed House Third Read on a 35-22 vote and is headed back to the Senate for final approval. This bill exempts the charter board from rulemaking procedures under the Administrative Procedures Act, however, the Board still must provide public notice and an opportunity for public comment. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1317 schools; specially designed instruction (Allen S) passed Senate Final Read on a 27-0 vote and is ready for House action. This bill allows general education teachers to provide specially designed instruction if it appropriately meets the needs of a student and the special education personnel is involved in the planning and implementation. ASBA supports.

HB 2457 rural stem program; tax credits (Nutt) passed Senate Third Read on a 27-0 vote and is ready for House action. This bill establishes the rural STEM grant program consisting of monies from the legislature, grants gifts, and donations from any public or private source. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2395 schools; illegal substances; notification (Boyer) passed Senate 27-0 and is ready for House action. This bill requires school districts to notify ADE if a suspension or expulsion involves the possession, use or sale of an illegal substance and the type of substance involved.

Congress Announces Short-Term Funding Plan

Yesterday, Congress announced the plans for a short-term continuing resolution to address critical funding needs for the remainder of FY 17. Congress is expected to vote on this measure, H.J. Res 99, before the current resolution expires tomorrow. The short-term plan would fund government operations through May 5 including current Title I grants for disadvantaged students, special education grants, and other critical programs.

During the ongoing budget negotiations, discussions surrounding the American Health Care Act have also been in progress. Amendments to the healthcare legislation circulated yesterday and Speaker Ryan urged fellow Republican lawmakers to support the legislation. AHCA would not only impact school districts but it could jeopardize the votes for H.J. Res 99. Democrats have signaled that a consideration of the health care legislation could threaten the bipartisan support for the one-week continuing resolution that is needed to fund critical government programs.

For more information and to contact your elected officials regarding these two issues follow these links: Act Now: Urge Congress to Invest in Public Education & CALL NOW to Save School Medicaid Funding.

Arizona’s top-ranked high schools get results, but not results-based funding

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s plan to provide more funds for high-performing schools would benefit charter schools that graduate on average less than 100 students a year, not district schools which graduate on average more than three times as many students.

Sixty-five percent of the $38 million results-based funding proposal would go to schools in middle- and higher-income areas, with just 35 percent going to schools in low-income areas, 26 percent would go to charter schools with 12 percent of that going to Basis and Great Hearts, according to an analysis in The Arizona Republic.

A chart released by the Arizona School Boards Association lists Arizona’s top 50 high schools as ranked by US News & World Report, shows their most recent four-year graduation rates according to the Arizona Department of Education and lists the estimated amount they would receive from Ducey’s $38 million results-based funding proposal according to the Joint Legislative Budget Committee.

Read the full article by AZEDNews here.

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