Things you need to know: 
• Full details of K-12 budget provisions
• SB 1519 (school safety) passed through the Senate
• 2 Bills Passed Final Reading

2018 Budget

The budget passed through Senate and House Appropriations committees today. The K-12 Education Bill, HB 2663 and SB 1521 passed out of House Appropriations 7-5 and passed Senate Appropriations 7-3.

Click here to read our summary of the K-12 education portions of the budget.

Click here to view a table of the relevant appropriations.

The bills will proceed through the Rules committee early tomorrow morning, then be debated in COW and Third Read at some point late Wednesday or early Thursday. We will keep you posted as things are changing on the floor.

SB 1519 school safety; protective orders; appropriation

The School Safety bill was amended and passed out of the Senate today by a vote of 17-13. The changes were substantial, but most notably:
• The appropriation for SROs was decreased from $11M to $5.5M
• Districts are once again required, rather than permitted, to offer training in suicide prevention for teachers and principals who work with 6th-12th graders.

The Ex Parte STOP order was eliminated, so the only manner in which a firearm can be temporarily confiscated is through the emergency STOP order initiated by peace officers.

Read our complete updated summary here.

More Floor Action

HB 2520 schools; reading requirements (Coleman) passed as amended on final read 57-0. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2526 career technical education districts (Clodfelter) passed as amended on final read 57-0. ASBA supports.