Hispanic/Native American Indian Caucus

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Are you ready to get more involved in leading for increased equity and opportunity? Take part in state-level dialogue and action improving the academic achievement of the students you serve. Membership in the Hispanic-Native American Indian Caucus is open to all school board members interested in doing more to meet and address the specific educational needs of students of color in their communities.

Be the voice for your students

School board members are teachers, business executives, parents, retirees…you name it. But the one thing we all have in common is our dedication to improve the educational achievement of ALL in public schools. The more caucus members we have involved, informed and prepared to lead on inequities and disparities, the bigger impact we can all make.

Does your district serve students of color?

If so, we encourage you to become a caucus member and begin to advocate on behalf of your community. Members of the HNAIC work to inform the discussion about closing opportunity and achievement gaps for Native American and Hispanic students that attend district public schools in Arizona.

The purpose of the HNAIC is to:

  • To promote quality education for all students, focusing on the needs of Hispanic and Native American Indian students.
  • To promote positive relationships among Hispanic and Native American Indian school boards, members of their communities, political leaders and ASBA.
  • To promote legislation to improve educational opportunities for Hispanic, Native American Indian and other minorities in public schools.
  • To promote positive representation of Hispanic and Native American Indian board members in ASBA.


There are several ways to become active with the caucus:

Regular Membership is open to any elected or appointed member of a  public board of education in Arizona that is an active member of ASBA. The annual membership fee for an individual board members is $25. Full boards may join for $100/year.

Associate Memberships
are open to district-level staff from ASBA member districts ($25/year).

Friends of the Caucus Memberships are open to other individuals interested in supporting the work of the caucus ($25/year).

Honorary Membership is conferred and discretionary.

Join the HNAIC

2019 HNAIC Officers

Desiree FowlerPage USDPresident
Leroy ShingoitewaNorthern Arizona Technological Institute of Vocational EducationVP-Native
Myron TsosieChinle USDTreasurer
Juan BuendiaBaboquivari USDSecretary
Patrick MoralesTempe ESDPast President
Cesar AguilarBalsz ESDReg. Dir. I
Eva Carillo DongSunnyside USDReg. Dir. II
Wanda BegayGanado USDReg. Dir. III
VacantN/AReg. Dir. IV
VacantN/AReg. Dir. V
VacantN/AReg. Dir. VI

Caucus members receive the opportunity to consider best practices and advocate for change to improve educational opportunities for Native American and Hispanic students and other minorities in public schools.

Caucus members get the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other school board members and state leaders. Members share dialogue on educational problems, issues and concerns in conjunction with ASBA. The president of HNAIC also serves on the ASBA Board of Directors and the ASBA Equity Committee.

Despite some significant academic gains over the years, serious achievement gaps persist among many of our students. The caucuses contribute to the development of professional and leadership development opportunities throughout the year.

Read more about the NHC mission and the rules under which it operates.

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