ASBA’s Commitment to Equity

ASBA’s commitment to equity is deep and reflected in the association’s beliefs, goals, services and actions.
It is rooted in core beliefs adopted by ASBA members. These core beliefs include:

  • Closing the opportunity and achievement gap is a moral and economic imperative that must be addressed to ensure all Arizona’s students are successful.
  • Systemic inequities must be removed so every student achieves their fullest potential.

It has been activated by the ASBA Board of Directors through the association’s strategic plan, with its goal that all Arizona school district leaders understand equity in education and are taking active steps to ensure every student achieves their full potential.

It is carried out by staff year-round through:

  • Direct member services, including tools such as the Leading for Equity Framework, resources, custom board trainings, webinars and other educational opportunities delivered through conference speakers and presentations at all ASBA events, as well as our annual Equity Event, which has been a hallmark of our commitment since 2015.
  • Legislative and legal advocacy
  • Communications
  • Support of member-driven alliances and caucuses engaged in equity work that focuses on specific student groups (Black Alliance, Hispanic-Native Caucus and Rural Alliance)

What Is Equity?

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Foundational Premises of Equity

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Components of Educational Equity

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Policy Considerations

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Equity In a Divided Community

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Events & Training

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