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The Board of Directors is composed of five executive officers that make up the Executive Committee, and 17 County Directors – one for each county in Arizona, with two for Pima and Maricopa Counties due to their higher populations. The chairs of the ASBA Hispanic-Native American Indian Caucus and the ASBA Black Caucus also serve on the board of directors. Please note, all must be current school board members.

The Governance Committee was established in 2011. Its purpose is to provide annual review of ASBA’s governance procedures and provide recommendations. Governance Committee members are approved each year at the Board of Directors’ meeting.

Governance Committee Members

Kara Kelty
Flagstaff USD
Katrina Talkalai
San Carlos USD
Randy Hartless
Parker USD
Brenda Bartels
Glendale ESD
Paul Roetto
Saddle Mountain USD
Katherine Cox
Lake Havasu USD
Cody Bren
Red Rock ESD
Jim Colby
Crane ESD
Karen McClelland
Sedona Oak Creek USD
Richard Oros
Ruth Bennet
Continental USD
Barbara Foote
Yuma ESD
What does the Governance Committee do?
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The Finance Committee is chaired by the ASBA treasurer and composed of members of the board of directors who are appointed by the president each year. Its purpose is to review proposals and give input to the drafting of the annual ASBA budget. The committee is also responsible for the review of the association’s annual Internal Revenue Service 990 Report and approval of the auditor. Finance Committee members are approved each year at the January meeting of the ASBA Board of Directors.

Budget and Financial Oversight Committee Members

Ann O’Brien
ASBA Immediate Past President, Deer Valley USD
Monica Trejo
ASBA President, Tempe ESD
James Bryce
ASBA President Elect, Solomon ESD
Desiree Fowler
ASBA Treasurer, Page ESD
Tadeo De La Hoya
ASBA Secretary, Gadsden ESD
Judy James
Apache County Director, Ganado USD
John Sparks
Pima County Director, Sahuarita USD
Berdetta Hodge
Black Alliance Chair, Tempe UHSD
Eva Carrillo Dong
HNAIC Chair, Sunnyside USD
What does the Finance Committee do?
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The Legislative Committee is a standing committee established in ASBA’s bylaws. Its purpose is to assist in determining the association’s political agenda by bringing recommendations to members for consideration at the Delegate Assembly. The Legislative Committee is composed of interested school board members throughout the state chosen by the president to provide leadership during the process of developing and adopting ASBA’s political agenda. Legislative Committee members are approved each year at the ASBA Board of Directors meeting.

Legislative Committee Members

Ann O’Brien
Deer Valley USD
Lindsey Love
Chandler USD
Kenny Denney
Kirkland ESD
Des Fowler
Page USD
Nelson Daley
St. David USD
Dee Puff
Palominas ESD
Kara Kelty
Flagstaff USD
Dee McKerry
Page USD
Bruce Lunt
Duncan USD
Amelia Flores
Parker USD
Tida Garcia
Tolleson ESD
Richard Hopkins
Buckeye ESD
Marcie Hutchinson
Mesa USD
Megan Griego
Avondale ESD
Christine Pritchard
Monica Trejo
Tempe ESD
Sara Smith
Josephine Montoya
Winslow USD
Kevin Opalka
Sahuarita USD
Susan Zibrat
Amphitheater USD
Adelita Grijalva
Tucson USD
Marcelina Verona
Nogales USD
Cami Garcia
Apache Junction USD
Laurie Thomas
Sacaton ESD
Annie Mortensen
Chino Valley USD
Deb Dillon
Prescott USD
Lori Drake
Mingus UHSD
Richard Adler
Humboldt USD
Armando Heredia
What does the Legislative Committee do?
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The Nominating Committee is a standing committee established in the ASBA bylaws. Its purpose is to submit a slate of officers consisting of one or more nominees for each “open” office (president-elect, treasurer and secretary) to the general membership to be voted on at the association’s annual membership meeting in December. The Nominating Committee is chaired by the immediate past-president and is composed of either eight or nine members appointed by the president as directed in the bylaws. Nominating Committee members are approved each year at the ASBA Board of Directors meeting.

Nominating Committee Members

Harry Garewal
Luis Marquez
Gadsden ESD
Arnold Goodluck
Sanders USD
Carol Loy
Bisbee USD
Shirley Turner Chaplain
Safford USD
Gwyn Rhys-Evans
Morenci USD
Ann Ordway
Deer Valley USD
Tommy McCabe
Pinon USD
Buck Crouch
Sunnyside USD
Patti Coutre
Maricopa USD
The Credentials Committee is appointed by the president to serve at the Delegate Assembly and the Annual Membership Meeting. Its purpose is to verify for the presiding officer and delegates, attendance, delegate count and vote counts. The committee also performs the duties of sergeant at arms for the assembly. Credentials Committee members are approved each year at the ASBA Board of Directors meeting.

Credentials Committee Members

Luis Marquez
Gadsden ESD
Bill Adams
Washington EDS
Steve Johnson
Florence USD
Maribel Lopez
Marana USD
Richard Hopkins
Buckeye ESD
Brenda Bartels
Glendale ESD

The Arizona School Boards Association Equity Committee will serve as a resource to the board of directors, providing thought-leadership as requested on topics related to ASBA’s continuing growth as a leader in education equity, specifically:

  • Enhancing the understanding of equity in education in Arizona.
  • Improving service delivery to ASBA members around equity in education.
  • Increasing recruitment of leaders who reflect the demographics of their communities.
  • Increasing the number of public education allies for underrepresented students.
  • Increasing cultural and social competence among public education leaders and partners.


Members of the committee, including a committee chair, will be appointed by the president of the ASBA Board of Directors to a one-year term.
Members will include:

  • A representative of the ASBA Board of Directors Executive Committee
  • The president of the Black Caucus.
  • The president of the Hispanic-Native Caucus.
  • Up to an additional six members, selected for their abilities to represent diverse communities and interests.
  • A member of ASBA’s director-level staff, as determined by the executive director, will also serve on the committee as a non-voting member.

Equity Committee Members

Adam Lopez-Falk/Chair
Alhambra ESD
Brian Garcia
Tempe UHSD
Linda Lyon
Oracle ESD
Devin Del Palacio
Tolleson UHSD
Desiree Fowler
Hispanic-Native Caucus President/Page USD
Lindsey Love
Black Alliance President/Chandler USD
Kenney Denney
Rural Alliance President/Kirkland ESD
Nicholas Tellez
Solomon ESD
Monica Timberlake
Quartzite ESD
Manny Ruiz
Nogales USD