Apply to Become a Caucus/Alliance Chair

Members of the HNAIC and the Black Alliance who hold leadership positions also serve on the prestigious ASBA Board of Directors. Additionally, Arizona school board members representing ASBA on the National School Boards Association (NSBA) board are included in this esteemed group. The chairs of these caucuses are elected by their fellow members during the Annual Caucus/Alliance Business Meetings held in December. Elections for HNAIC occur biennially, while those for the Black Alliance take place annually, offering a unique opportunity for impactful leadership within our organization.

Embark on a rewarding journey with ASBA through our exciting calendar of events. In addition to our regular quarterly board meetings, where collaboration thrives, the Board of Directors convene both in-person and virtually. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • January: ASBA Board Retreat & Board Meeting
  • Spring: ASBA County Meetings
  • March: Board Meeting
  • June: ASBA Summer Leadership & Board Meeting
  • September: ASBA Law Conference and Delegate Assembly & Board Meeting
  • December: ASBA Annual Conference

To apply for the position of Caucus/Alliance Chair, candidates must currently serve as a seated board member and commit to fulfilling all responsibilities associated with the role. These include attending board meetings, promoting ASBA’s vision and goals, facilitating communication between ASBA and Caucus/Alliance members, and actively participating in ASBA-sponsored activities.

Learn more about the following:

Hispanic Native American Indian Caucus

Black Alliance

Rural Alliance

To express interest in serving on the ASBA Board of Directors, complete the form located here on the ASBA website.

Caucus/Alliance Chairs play a crucial role in advancing ASBA’s mission and receive complimentary registration to all ASBA events. For inquiries regarding the application process or election, please contact Kristi Sisk, ASBA Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, at or 602-254-1100. Join us in making a meaningful impact on education in Arizona!