Apply to Become a County Director

Interested in taking on a pivotal role as a County Director? The ASBA Board of Directors, led by five officers comprising the executive committee – president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary, and immediate past-president – alongside 17 county directors and ex officio voting members, is looking for dedicated individuals to join their ranks. Each officer serves a one-year term, contributing to the direction and governance of ASBA.

Position description:

County Directors serve as the cornerstone of ASBA’s presence within their respective counties, embodying the organization’s vision and goals through dedicated leadership and action. In addition to attending board meetings, they take on the responsibility of orchestrating and leading county meeting planning, ensuring these gatherings serve as platforms for collaboration, innovation, and advocacy.

Beyond logistical coordination, County Directors play a pivotal role in fostering robust communication channels between ASBA and member districts, ensuring that the needs and perspectives of local educational communities are effectively represented and addressed. They actively promote ASBA’s mission, initiatives and resources, cultivating a strong sense of unity and purpose among stakeholders.

Furthermore, County Directors are enthusiastic participants in ASBA-sponsored activities, leveraging these opportunities to deepen their understanding of educational issues, network with peers, and advocate for policies that advance student success. Through their unwavering dedication and proactive engagement, County Directors empower their counties to thrive within the broader landscape of Arizona’s educational ecosystem.

Embark on a rewarding journey with ASBA through our exciting calendar of events. In addition to our regular quarterly board meetings, where collaboration thrives, the Board of Directors convene both in-person and virtually. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • January: ASBA Board Retreat & Board Meeting
  • Spring: ASBA County Meetings
  • March: Board Meeting
  • June: ASBA Summer Leadership & Board Meeting
  • September: ASBA Law Conference and Delegate Assembly & Board Meeting
  • December: ASBA Annual Conference

To apply for the position of County Director, candidates must currently serve as a seated board member and commit to fulfilling all responsibilities associated with the role. These include attending board meetings, promoting ASBA’s vision and goals, facilitating communication between ASBA and member districts within their county, and actively participating in ASBA-sponsored activities.

To run for County Director, notify ASBA at least one week before the meeting by emailing Candidates may also run from the floor as a write-in candidate, with all candidates given the opportunity to deliver a two-minute speech at the meeting. In the event of no candidates stepping forward, the ASBA Board of Directors will appoint a County Director per ASBA bylaws.

To express interest in serving on the ASBA Board of Directors, complete the form located here on the ASBA website.

County Directors play a crucial role in advancing ASBA’s mission and receive complimentary registration to all ASBA events. For inquiries regarding the application process or election, please contact Kristi Sisk, ASBA Executive Assistant to the Executive Director, at or 602-254-1100. Join us in making a meaningful impact on education in Arizona!