Apply to Become an Officer Candidate

Applications undergo review by the ASBA Nominating Committee, comprising a diverse group of currently serving board members statewide. No interviews are necessary; the committee simply confirms eligibility requirements. Their task is to present a slate of eligible candidates for each position: president-elect, treasurer, and secretary.

Eligible school board members will receive notification from the nominating committee chair, inviting them to step forward as candidates.

ASBA members will receive an email featuring all candidates for each position, linking to the “Online Officer Voting Guide” webpage. There, comprehensive information provided by each candidate will be available.

The election of officers occurs in December at the ASBA Annual Membership Meeting alongside the ASBA-ASA Annual Conference. Every ASBA member district can send a delegate to vote.

Candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee must be present at the meeting to be elected and can deliver a two-minute speech.

Additionally, individuals can choose to run from the floor for any of the three positions, with the chance to give a two-minute speech. However, no information about floor candidates will be included in the “ASBA Officer Voting Guide.”

To express interest in serving on the ASBA Board of Directors, complete the form located here on the ASBA website.