ASBA 1st Annual Student Artwork Contest Scoreboard

ASBA 1st Annual Student Artwork Contest Judging Scorecard 2023

A criteria scorecard for ASBA Board of Directors judging the ASBA 1st Annual Student Artwork Contest.

Grade Category(Required)
Interpretation of Theme:(Required)
Relevance and clarity in conveying the contest theme. Depth of exploration and understanding of theme.
Creativity and Originality(Required)
Uniqueness of concept and approach. Innovative use of materials, techniques or styles. Demonstration of fresh and original ideas.
Structure and Design(Required)
Balance, harmony and unity in the arrangement of elements. Effective use of space, color and form. Thoughtful composition and arrangement of visual elements.
Emotional Impact(Required)
Ability to evoke emotions, thoughts or reactions in the viewer. Expressivement and depth of artistic expression. Connection between the artwork and the viewer's emotions.
Please enter a number from 4 to 20.
Please add the total points from all the above criteria and include them here. Your total should range from 4 to 20 points.