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ASBA celebrates Cesar Chavez Day with resources for school districts

This webpage contains a variety of resources that are available to school districts to aid them in celebrating and honoring Cesar Chavez’s legacy. 

Cesar Chavez was born on March 31, 1927 in Yuma, Arizona and dedicated his life to being a civil rights and farm labor leader. He committed his time to what he called “la causa” (the cause), which aimed to improve working and living conditions for farmworkers. He became a leading voice in civil rights and, along with his partner Dolores Huerta, founded the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) which greatly increased awareness around the problems that farmworkers face.

Cesar Chavez’s legacy has been celebrated on his birthday for decades, but Cesar Chavez Day was not born until President Barack Obama declared March 31 a national holiday in his honor in 2014. “As farmworkers and laborers across America continue to struggle for fair treatment and fair wages, we find strength in what Cesar Chavez accomplished so many years ago. And we should honor him for what he’s taught us about making America a stronger, more just, and more prosperous nation,” said Obama when advocating for Cesar Chavez Day in 2008.

Now, we continue to honor Cesar Chavez Day to remember his teachings and appreciate all of the impactful feats he accomplished. On March 31, ASBA will honor the legacy of Cesar Chavez with a day of service for staff.

Below is a list of resources that school districts can use to honor Cesar Chavez as a board, in the classroom or with your community.

Cesar Chavez Resources

Proclamation Example (School District)

White House 2021 Proclamation

State Proclamation Example

School Statement Example

Arizona Department of Education Biography and Lesson Plans

National Park Service Educator Toolkit

California Department of Education Lesson Plans (All grade levels)

Cesar Chavez Research Site (Documents and Pictures)