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Come Advocate on Rural and Remote Issues in Public Schools

Rural Advocacy Day, February 17, 2020

Join colleagues from across the state to focus on the needs and challenges of rural and remote public schools. Learn about what’s developing in the 2020 Legislative Session, meet with your legislators to advocate for your school district and attend a House Education Committee hearing! This event is open to board members, superintendents and other public education advocates.

Appreciating Our Impact – When Many Don’t Understand It

steven chapman

Written by Steven Chapman, ASBA President

Strategic Plan Goal: Leadership development

School governing boards are truly the most local form of government we have in our communities. The decisions that boards make can have direct and immediate effects on our communities – and influence the future of our district, state and nation. This is an incredible responsibility, bestowed upon us through the trust of our community – even though many of those community members don’t exactly know what we do. Even some of our most involved district staff and administrators could be unsure about our purpose, and it’s important that they do.

The power for our positions is bestowed upon us through the Arizona Constitution where the law of the land prescribes that our schools would be governed by “such governing boards.” Our local policies and additional laws chart our course from there, leading us into the work of creating policies and initiatives, hiring superintendents and reviewing and approving budgets.

Through all this work, it is important to remember that governing board members are elected officials, not volunteers. We enter these positions with a desire to serve, as well as an understanding of what is being asked of us in a position leading a political subdivision of the state. As a board member, you are an accountable leader for a district, and your voice, values and ideas are important to the future leaders of our nation, our students.

Governing board members can be more involved in their district without interfering with the work of the district staff. You should meet regularly with your superintendent to stay aware of district happenings, as well as regularly attend district gatherings and events. If you aren’t given answers or you feel like you don’t know what is going on, remember this: you were elected to be the community representative, and it is important that governing boards take an active role in the direction of the district.

Through ASBA’s strategic plan, our goal in leadership development focuses on “Developing highly effective board members and educational leaders and promoting opportunities for them to lead beyond the district level.” ASBA works to provide you with great resources through our conferences, training offerings and through our policy and advocacy services. From there, a governing board can always take further steps to ensure that their policies, strategic plan, and mission of their district are inclusive of their students and community. Governing boards have the ability to amend policies and goals to take current practices further for the benefit of their staff and students and the greater district community.

As representatives of the most accessible form of local government, it’s our responsibility to introduce our purpose to those who might not know what a governing board does. Our work is incredibly important and can have an impact on our constituents quicker than many decisions made at a municipal, state and national level. If you have positive stories of the impact your school boards have made, share them on social media and reach out to me and ASBA staff so we can continue to share your work with everyone.

ASBA Names President and Vice President for Rural Alliance

kenny denny

Congratulations to Kenney Denney of the Kirkland Elementary School District Governing Board in Yavapai County, who was unopposed for president of the ASBA Rural Alliance. Mr. Denney will serve a two-year term in that capacity. In addition, as Rural Alliance president, he will also serve on the association’s Legislative Committee and Equity Committee.

jim colby

We are also excited to announce Jim Colby as vice president for the Crane Elementary School District Governing Board in Yuma County.

Annual Conference Photos and Videos

annual conference

Photos and videos from the Annual Conference are available. Did you receive an award, was your district recognized or maybe you took a new headshot? View photos here. All videos can be viewed on ASBA’s YouTube page.

Superintendent Salary Survey Results Available

superintendent salary

ASBA conducts an annual salary survey designed to study district compensation and benefits for certified and administrative personnel as well as superintendents that serve students across the state. Each year, this information is designed to meet ASBA members’ need for important information to assist in determining comparable compensation for school employees across the state. The survey has been streamlined and re-focused to better capture salary environments outside of the traditional salary schedule of credits and seniority.

An email was sent to all ASBA members, superintendents and administrative professionals with the password to enter to view the results. If you are an ASBA member and need to know the password, please contact Katie Link, to view results.

Superintendent Job Openings in Winslow, Wickenburg, Payson, Page Plus More

supt search

ASBA is your one-stop-shop for superintendent searches. From helping your board become search ready to launching a statewide or nationwide search, to assisting you with a smooth transition post-search – we’ve got you covered.

Resolve to be Involved in 2020: How to Run for Your Local School Board

be involved

Written by Raising Arizona Kids

The best way to improve Arizona’s schools is to make sure every public school has a well-functioning school board. That’s according to the nonprofit Arizona School Boards Association, which provides training, leadership and essential services to public school governing boards statewide.

ASBA is urging parents and community members to consider running to become a local school board member. Those interested should start planning now and collecting signatures by early spring. Signatures must be submitted to county superintendent offices by August for the November 2020 election.

Nikkie Whaley, a member of the Washington Elementary School District Governing Board, says she has always…

Read full article by Raising Arizona Kids

February 19 Webinar: Advancing Equity Through Deeper Learning for Allies

deeper learning

As education leaders, we often view ourselves and allies to our students and communities but what does it really mean to be an ally? Join us as we welcome Melia Dunn, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist and Upcoming ASBA Equity Event 2020 Featured Speaker. We will discuss what allyship is and what it is not by examining effective supports and ineffective missteps to help you become a better ally.

We Appreciate ASBAIT as a Year-Long VIP Partner

ASBAT affordable care

ASBA Events

Rural Advocacy Day 2020

February 17 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Join colleagues from across the state to focus on the needs and challenges of rural and remote public schools. Learn about what’s developing in the 2020 Legislative Session, meet with your legislators to advocate for your school district and attend a House Education Committee hearing! This event is open to board members, superintendents and others. Registration is free.

Equity Event

March 5-6 @ 8:00 – 4:30 p.m.

This experience aims at taking you and your board from a deeper understanding of equity to strategic leadership and impact for closing the opportunity, access and achievement gaps in your schools. Featuring speakers on inclusive leadership, effective allyship, creating welcoming school environments PLUS so much more.

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