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NEW! 2022 Board President Cohort Listserv

An exclusive benefit of ASBA membership

Have you been elected as the board president for your district for the 2022 calendar year? If so, congratulations! ASBA has developed a new tool just for you! We know the role of the board president is an important one and we also know it can be difficult.  

The board president listserv (essentially a group email) will provide the opportunity for board presidents across Arizona to discuss current trends/issues and the chance to hear the strategies that work from other board presidents. It will also enable the sharing of best practices, impending issues and include consultation with ASBA staff, as needed.

We won’t automatically add you to the listserv so if you are the board president for 2022 and would like to be added to the listserv, please complete the following link or email Julie Bacon at

ASBA celebrates Black history as world history – Hear from ASBA board members

February marks Black History Month, a tribute to African Americans who have made significant contributions to the United Stated and the rest of the world in the fields of science, politics, law, sports, the arts, entertainment and many other fields. 

While Black History Month is synonymous with prominent figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson, Maya Angelou and Barack Obama, there are countless other African Americans who’ve made a profound impact in history.

To study American history is often an exercise in learning partial truths and patriotic fables. Textbooks and curriculum throughout the country continue to limit this history and often quarantined to a short section about slavery and quotes by Martin Luther King Jr. Many walk away from their high school history class and through the world with a severe lack of understanding of the history and perspective of Black history.

This year, we asked board members to tell us what Black History meant to them, and which prominent figure has inspired and influenced their lives.

Hear from board member Sadie Shaw in the Tucson USD, and check out videos from board members Gail Knight, Balsz ESD and Berdetta Hodge, Tempe UHSD on ASBA Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Participation encouraged for FY2022 ASBA Teacher-Admin Salary Survey

An employee benefits offering composed of generous total rewards deserves a presentation that clearly communicates the program’s total value. Alera Group’s Total Rewards Statements do just that, in a format that’s easy to use for both HR departments and employees.

It’s that time of year again and we hope that your district will consider participating in the FY2022 ASBA Teacher and Administrator Salary and Benefits Survey. The more districts that complete the survey, the more beneficial the results will be. An email was sent to all superintendents, business officials and superintendent and governing board administrative professionals.

The purpose of the ASBA Teacher and Administrator Salary and Benefits Survey is to provide comparative data to school district leaders to use when making decisions related to salaries and benefits for teachers, principals, assistant principals and district-level administrators. All data is self-reported by school districts, using an online collection tool provided by ASBA.

  • Opens Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022
  • Closes Friday, March 11, 2022

Access to the results of this survey is an exclusive benefit of ASBA membership.

A summary report with an overview of survey results will be released to all ASBA members. Districts that complete the survey also receive the full data set in an Excel spreadsheet. These will be provided two weeks of closing.

ASBA invites students to apply for scholarships

Arizona high school seniors who attend school in an ASBA member district are invited to apply for scholarships available through the association. The deadline for applications for all three is 5 p.m. on Friday, April 1, 2022.

The Jack Peterson Scholarship is awarded annually to at least one Arizona high school senior who plans to pursue education as their major course of study at the college/university level. Amounts of the awards vary from year to year and are based on annual earnings from the scholarship endowment. Scholarship amounts typically range from $1,000 to $1,500. The scholarship was established in honor of ASBA Executive Director Jack Peterson, who served the association from 1991 to 1998.

The Panfilo H. Contreras Honorary Scholarship was awarded for the first time in 2013 by ASBA’s Hispanic-Native American Indian Caucus. Hispanic and Native American Indian students are eligible to apply for this scholarship to support their attendance at an accredited post-secondary institution. Last year’s scholarships were $1,000 each.

The Georgie and Calvin Goode Student Scholarship was established by the ASBA Black Alliance in 2021 and will be awarded for the first time in Spring 2022. Two scholarships of $1,250 each are available. Scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors who demonstrate an exceptional record of academic growth and a commitment to service to others.  Applicants must be a currently enrolled senior in an ASBA member district, Black or of African descent and planning to further their education at an accredited postsecondary institution.

More information and a link to the online application forms is available here.

Meet ASBA Yuma County Director

Meet Juan Castillo, new county director for Yuma County and board member in the Somerton Elementary School District.

Superintendent positions opening in Mayer USD and more 

ASBA is your one-stop-shop for superintendent searches. Currently there are superintendent positions openings in Mayer USD, McNary Solomon ESD and more. View all positions.

What does your policy and employee handbook have in common?

Wednesday Webinars: District Policy and Your Employee Handbook

If you can’t attend live, receive recording to your email

March 23, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Did you know ASBA offers an employee handbook model document that addresses conditions of employment and related topics important to district employees? Learn why handbook and policy language is important.

If you can’t attend the webinar live, receive a recording directly to your email by registering for the event in advance. All events can be found on the ASBA website.

No-Cost Gifted Assessment for all Arizona 2nd Graders in SY21-22

The Arizona legislature appropriated $850,000 to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) to procure an assessment that Arizona public schools could choose to use to evaluate all their 2nd Grade students for Gifted Education programs at no cost during this school year (SY21-22). Participation in this new universal screening opportunity is available, and optional, for all Arizona public schools.

Following a competitive procurement process, ADE has identified the Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®), from Riverside Insights as the 2nd grade screening tool for this program.

Schools can choose to test their students using traditional paper/pencil versions of the assessment or an online testing option. Given that this program is funded through a one-year appropriation, all testing activities will need to be completed within this fiscal year, or by June 2022.

A very brief survey has been created to help gather information regarding LEAs interested in taking advantage of this unique opportunity. One representative per LEA should complete the following survey by February 25, 2022.

More information can be found A link to this site will also be posted on ADE’s Gifted Education website.

ASBA Events and Webinars

Upcoming ASBA Events

COMING SOON – Summer Leadership Institute, June 9-11

Registration opens April 11, 2022

View all ASBA events on the ASBA website.

Upcoming ASBA Webinars

March 9, 5-6 p.m.  Supporting Our Students: Disability Awareness, Culture & Etiquette for Inclusion and Empowerment

May 17, 5 – 6 p.m. Webinar: I am on the Ballot…Now What?

November 17, 5 – 6 p.m. Webinar: I Was Elected…Now What?

Plus more! You can find all Wednesday webinars on the ASBA webpage,

Can’t view the webinar live? No problem. Go ahead and register and you will receive the recording automatically by email so you can view it later. There is no cost to register for these webinars.  We encourage advance registration.


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