Will you lead with me in 2018?

By Linda Lyon, President, ASBA Board of Directors

One of my favorite sayings is “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.” It served me well during my 22-year Air Force career and find it applies now to my school board service.

Whether we see ourselves as leaders or not, school board members, as elected officials, are leaders in both our districts and in our communities. We are responsible for setting the tone and the expectations for ourselves and our districts. We are responsible for voicing their concerns and advocating for their needs.

As we move through 2018, please think about the ways you lead on behalf your district and your community. Are you fully prepared for each of your school board meetings? Are your district goals laser-focused on your students, and what will produce better outcomes for them? Do you set the example in treating each other with respect?

I’m sure most of you can answer yes to these questions. But, how many of you are leaning forward on a wider scale? Are you signed up for the Legislature’s Request to Speak program and have you commented on a bill through it? How about ASBA’s new Capitol Impact system? You can sign up for both on the ASBA website, at azsba.org/alis/. What about participating in ASBA’s annual Lobby Day? As elected officials, your voice matters and should be heard.

I know we all bring different skills and talents to our school board service and this diversity helps make our boards stronger. We can all improve in some way and ASBA is ready to help. Our B.O.L.T.S. training sessions saw record attendance this year and our webinars are receiving great reviews.

New for this year, ASBA is introducing the Leadership Lab, designed for Arizona school board members who want to grow their knowledge base, leadership competencies, advocacy skills and network to extend their influence and impact within and beyond their local communities.

The stakes for our districts and the students they serve has never been greater. As school board members, we absolutely must lead if we are to maximize our impact. There is no question that our students deserve fully funded classrooms, our teachers deserve a living wage, and our taxpayers deserve to get what they are paying for. Are you willing to do what it takes to deliver?

For the sake of our children and the future we leave them, failure, is simply not an option.

The importance of school board professional development

A conversation with NSBA

Just like teachers and doctors, school board members need ongoing professional development opportunities designed to equip them with the knowledge and techniques necessary to support gains in student achievement, develop policies and practices, engage the community as an advocate for public-school education, and provide responsible district governance in support of your role on the district’s leadership team. View the upcoming opportunities ASBA has to offer.

Summer Leadership Institute keynote speaker announced!

ASBA is excited to welcome Consuelo Castillo Kickbush as SLI’s keynote speaker who will be presenting on “Effective Leadership in Today’s Global Marketplace.” Join us in Flagstaff, June 7-9. Conference and hotel registration opens April 2.

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Ganado USD superintendent search ends Feb. 19

View all current searches available – Case Grande, Littlefield, Ganado, Sedona-Oak Creek, Maricopa, Mesa Public Schools PLUS more. ASBA offers a wide range of search services, from full searches for a new superintendent to advertising for an interim superintendent. View the current positions available across the state.

Travel across the world with ASBA's GR team for AZ legislative session updates!

Our advocacy updates are a home run! Listen to ASBA’s GR team report from Chase Field Ballpark. Tune in on Fridays, 3 p.m. for Facebook Live advocacy updates, and remember to look for the edited video on Mondays to find out where your GR Team will be reporting from next!

Feb. 14. L.O.V.E. RALLY - Let's lift our voices for education! RSVP now.

Attending an ASBA event in fall?

ASBA Events

The Equity Event, March 22-23

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Click to see are keynote speakers, learn about taking your district’s equity pulse PLUS rotate through four sessions designed to build practical knowledge and skills for equity action and impact at the board level.

Summer Leadership Institute, June 7-9

Conference and hotel registration opens Monday, April 2, 2018. We continue our summer tradition by traveling to northern Arizona at Little America Hotel in Flagstaff.

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