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ASBA Policy Services works to respond to new federal transgender guidance

In the next few weeks, ASBA Policy Services subscribers will receive information relating to the recent guidance documents released by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education on Transgender Students/Gender Identity.  The information will explain the federal enforcement position and interpretation of existing law with regard to use of bathrooms by students that identify their gender as something else than their birth gender.

ASBA Policy Services will not issue model policy changes recommending adoption for compliance with the law since the law has not changed, the federal guidance is non-binding and there is on-going litigation on this subject which has not been settled in the federal courts.  However, those districts that are interested in adopting policies that encompass the federal guidance will be provided sample policies (that are not of a compliance nature and do not contain ASBA’s copyright) to consider should they make that local choice.

Together, we continue our important journey in leading change for K-12 public education

By Dr. Timothy Ogle, ASBA Executive Director

Together we accomplish more than we can individually. We at ASBA believe in this philosophy and know this applies to us as well as to each of you in your work as school leaders. The challenges we have are unprecedented and the possibilities are limitless. If we leverage our relationships and coordinate our efforts, we can create the system of public school in Arizona that we all imagine.

This school year has been a collection of highs and lows. We certainly have the hearts of Arizona’s people cheering us on as we continue our important journey in leading change. We are thrilled that voters have spoken and confirmed K-12 education remains a top priority in Arizona with the passage of Prop. 123. Their vote has settled a seven-year legal battle that our public schools have been waging to receive the annual inflation funding that is guaranteed them by law.

As a result of a successful passage, more than half-a-million Arizona public school students in kindergarten through seventh grade will finally have the opportunity to learn in a classroom that was funded in the manner voters intended when they passed Prop. 301 in 2000.

The passion for the school funding “next steps” initiatives have never been greater. We continue to advocate for a collaborative effort from state leaders to fully fund education, and implement the changes we need in public education to ensure that students can succeed in Arizona.

Arizona school leaders are assuming a more prominent national presence as we now have many board members and superintendents serving in national roles through our network of professional associations. In addition, we have new opportunities with school accountability and local control with the emergence of the federal law, Every Student Succeeds Act, replacing No Child Left Behind. Finally, we have great opportunities to shape the future political landscape of our state with this fall’s election cycle.

Meet Jim Love, Pima County Director

District: Flowing Wells USD

How long have you served on your board? 15 years

How will you serve you county district members this year as the ASBA County Director?

First, I will be there with any needed assistance. As a Co-Director with John Williams, we plan to visit each board at least once this year. We plan to find Heroes of Education and promote them. We want to encourage all board members to attend as many events as possible and get involved in advocacy for public education.



ASBA Executive Searches Now Open for Application

Interim Superintendent – Click Here to Apply

First public showcase of ADE’s plan for ESSA implementation at SLI

Last call to register for Summer Leadership Institute, June 9-11. SLI will take place at Loews Ventana Canyon,
Tucson, AZ. Click here to view breakout sessions and registration information

Early Bird Session
Role Play: A Really Bad Board Meeting and How it Should Be Done

Administrative Assistant Track
Just for School District Administrative Assistants to the Superintendent and School Board.

County Conversations in Leadership
Meet your ASBA County Director and Discuss Leadership Initiatives Happening in Your County

Special Keynote Speakers
Fri, June 10: Dr. Mari Koerner, Dean
Fulton School of Education, Arizona State University

Sat, June 11: Kathy Wiebke, PhD, NBCT
Executive Director, Arizona K12 Center


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