Salary increase survey results available

ASBA and AASBO collected staff salary information from school districts who participated in a recent survey to assist board members as they make decisions about salary increases for Fiscal Year 2019. These results were shared with the participating districts earlier this week. If your district would like to receive these results, please click here. We ask that your district participates in the survey to receive the survey results.

“Children are our future” is not just a tag line

By Steven Chapman, ASBA treasurer

Your ASBA Officer team had the opportunity to attend the 35th Annual NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected Officials) Conference last week to engage with community and elected leaders from across the United States. For me, these conversations continue to reinforce the great work ASBA and our member districts are doing towards furthering equity and diversity in our public schools. Although we can see through our local and national news coverage that there is much work to be done, it is encouraging to know we are making progress.

We send the strongest message however, by the example we set in our advocacy for public education and the policies and resolutions we adopt throughout the year. We must do this not only through our words, but also through our deeds. As school board members, it’s imperative to set an example for our community members that government is there to serve all people and ensure that they all have equitable access to the resources and services they need.

More importantly, it is our responsibility to be the example for our students. The young minds of our future are being shaped before our very eyes. These students will one day be sitting at our desks or the desks at the Arizona House and Senate, or even at THE desk in the White House. They will be better prepared to take on the issues our country faces now, and in the future, if we successfully create equitable experiences for all, teach them to be civically engaged and embrace the diverse cultures and opinions that make up our society.

“Children are our future,” is said very frequently in our work, but this cannot be just a tag line. Our children are our future, but that future will be shaped based on how we teach them, by what example we set and by the inclusive experiences and lessons we provide. As educators and educational leaders, our obligation to the future is great. In both our words and our actions, we must remember that what we do impacts the children of today and the leaders of tomorrow.


By Ann O’Brien, ASBA secretary

Shortly after being elected to ASBA’s Executive Board of Directors as secretary, I agreed to contribute articles to the ASBA Connect e-newsletter. At the time it seemed like an easy enough assignment, you know, write about issues important to public education. There are certainly an endless number of important public education topics, like student achievement, funding, special education, equity, teacher shortage, etc. When considering the significant amount of the discourse surrounding these subjects, it all seems to lead back to the four-letter ‘F’ word…FACT or, the lack thereof!

Homework and its impact on grades is a perfect example. Some believe homework improves grades and others think homework has no or a negative impact on grades. There are studies, papers and articles supporting both beliefs. This type of controversy requires board members to be diligent in evaluating the information provided.

According to Random House Webster’s College Dictionary fact is defined as ‘something that actually exists, something known to exist or to have happened, or a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true’. It is imperative school board members hold themselves accountable for not only for student achievement and teacher success but whether or not they have the proper data. The National School Boards Association (NSBA) identifies accountability as one of the core skills for effective boards.

For years, it seems facts have been twisted and manipulated to provide ‘truth’ to further a viewpoint, argument or cause. This manipulation leads to fear, misunderstandings, misconceptions and ultimately, distrust. Are you telling the truth? Do you state facts when discussing issues at the dais?

Sometimes, it is as simple as taking the fact out of context for the shock and awe factor. Shortly after I received my driver’s license at age 16, I read an article about accidents when driving. It was filled with statistics aka facts. The one that frightened me the most at the time was that 90 percent of automobile accidents occurred within 10 miles of a person’s home. Thankfully I discussed my concerns with my grandfather who wisely talked me through this statistic. After he asked some thoughtful questions, I realized a majority of my driving happened within 10 miles of my home. The ‘fact’ was no longer alarming.

When regular folks stop trusting their family, friends and neighbors, communities start to disintegrate. Without trust, there is NO problem solving! Facts are pivotal in determining and making decisions that are sustainable and defendable.

Every Arizona neighborhood, community, town, city and county needs solutions.

Benjamin Franklin, a United States Founding Father said, “Half the truth is often a great lie.” So, my message this time, is short but factual…The truth matters. Check facts before speaking. Do not state anecdotal information as overarching FACT.

ASBA celebrates Arizona leaders at NALEO Conference

ASBA hosted a reception to welcome all elected leaders attending the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials last week. ASBA values and greatly appreciates networking with other leaders who believe closing the opportunity and achievement gap for Arizona students is a moral and economic imperative for us all.

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