County Director elections – Are you interested in serving on ASBA Board of Directors?

ASBA cordially invites you to apply for a 2018 County Director position. County Directors are elected by peers in their counties at the annual ASBA County Meetings. They hold two-year terms. Maricopa and Pima county have two county director seats on the board due to population.

We urge you to run for election and serve as a county director. If you are interested, please state your intent during the election portion of the county meeting.

FOR MARICOPA COUNTY ONLY: If you plan to run for this seat, you MUST notify ASBA no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 22, so that your name can be placed on the official ballot. Your name MUST be on the official ballot in order to be considered a candidate in this election. In addition, it is recommended that candidates attend both Maricopa County Meetings, as time will be allotted at both meetings for speeches of up to three minutes by all those on the official ballot. Running from the floor is not permitted. To notify ASBA of your intent to run, email Kristi Sisk at Election results will be announced September 27.

The duties of ASBA County Directors are to:

  • Attend orientation program for new directors (January 2017).
  • Promote the vision, mission, and goals of ASBA to local county board members.
  • Help initiate and set both policy and goals for ASBA.
  • Serve as a communication link to ASBA while coordinating local county boards and advocating ASBA membership.
  • Coordinate and preside at the Annual County Meeting.
  • Attend four regular board meetings per year.
  • Attend any special board meetings called by the leadership.
  • Support the association through attendance and participation at ASBA sponsored conferences and events, e.g., ASBA BOLTS, Equity Event, Summer Leadership Institute, Delegate Assembly, Law Conference, Legislative Conference, Annual Conference and Regional Conferences.
  • Assist the association staff with participation as a room monitor/facilitator during conference learning sessions.
  • Participate in vendor visits in the exhibit hall during Annual Conference.
  • Assist local board members upon request.
  • Increase the awareness of the roles of ASBA, the professional organization, and the benefits of ASBA membership.

The ASBA Board of Directors is comprised of five officers, 17 county directors and the chairs of ASBA’s two caucuses. All members of the board have voting rights. Any Arizona school board member serving as a director or officer on the National School Boards Association Board of Directors is an ex officio member of ASBA Board of Directors, as well.

Click here to check if your county will be having an election this year.

Change to Maricopa County Meeting location – for the East Meeting, Sept. 25

If you are planning to attend the Maricopa County (East) Meeting, the location has been changed. It will now be held at Mesquite High School located at 500 S. McQueen Road, Gilbert. View full agenda here.

NSBA Concerned on Trump Administration’s Decision to Rescind DACA Program

National School Boards Association Executive Director & CEO Thomas J. Gentzel today released the following statement in response to the Trump administration’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program:

“Public schools are a beacon of hope and opportunity for students and our country. The schools in our neighborhoods have educated generations of children, regardless of factors such as race, ethnic background, and immigration and socioeconomic status, enabling them to contribute to our economy and strengthen our democracy.

“Since the first public school was founded, they have gladly accepted the immense responsibility given to them to help students achieve their full potential. Today, our schools are educating the most diverse student population in history, providing equitable access and ensuring that all students are educated at levels no previous generation attempted to achieve.

“Public schools continue to make progress in helping students prepare for college, careers and life. However, progress is threatened if students are fearful of coming to school. NSBA is deeply concerned by the administration’s decision to end the DACA program. We’re long-standing supporters of educating all students regardless of immigration status. Now that the issue is solely before Congress, we urge it to amend the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 to authorize the cancellation of removal, resolve immigration status, and work toward U.S. citizenship of undocumented students who are long-term residents.”
Click here to view full statement.

ASBA honors Denise Lowell-Britt with 2017 John R. McDonald Award

Last week, ASBA honored Denise Lowell-Britt, attorney and equity partner of Udall Shumway PLC, as the 2017 recipient of the John R. McDonald Award. Denise was presented with the award during ASBA’s 41st Annual Law Conference. She has been practicing law at Udall Shumway PLC since 1987 and has been a partner of the firm since 1993, heading the firm’s education law group by devoting her practice entirely to representing school districts, community colleges, charter schools and other public educational institutions.

The John R. McDonald Award was developed to honor prominent Tucson Attorney John R. McDonald who passed away in 2012. McDonald was once president of the Arizona School Boards Association and left a legacy of dedication to improve education.

Why the Special Education funding gap should matter to everyone and results of results-based funding – Special webinar, Sept. 14

Learn about special education expenditures and how those compare to funding for special education from state and federal sources. Do expenditures exceed funding, creating a funding gap? How large is the funding gap? Does the size of the funding gap differ across the state? What accounts for the differences? Why does it matter to special education students and to non-special education students?

The second part of the webinar will look at the results of results-based funding. Which schools received results-based funding? How many schools and students will benefit? In what parts of the state? What are the demographics of the students in schools receiving/not receiving funding?

Join Anabel Aportela, Director of Research for ASBA and AASBO, Chris Kotterman, Director of Government Relations for ASBA and Chuck Essigs, Director of Government Relations for AASBO on why this matters to public school districts and individual schools.

Register now

Rural districts have great insight to share too! Share your district successes at the Annual Conference

We encourage first-time presenters to share their district successes by presenting at the Annual Conference, December 15-16, 2017. Proposals are now open and will close Fri., September 15, 2017. ASBA is seeking proposals that enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of board members and superintendents, share promising strategies and best practices that can be replicated by other districts and demonstrate innovative ideas and solutions that are showing effectiveness.

Contact Nikkie Whaley for any questions about presenting. Submit now!

How are you using the Equity Challenge?

We are kicking off the school year by asking board members across the state what component of the Equity Challenge are they using to better serve all students. Hear what Jill Humphreys from Gilbert Public Schools had to say.

The President’s Equity Challenge campaign was created and launched by the Arizona School Boards Association with the intent to encourage individual school board members and school districts to take a look at students on a deeper level—to find out who they really are and how we can best serve them by identifying equitable gaps to better serve EVERY child in every school districts across Arizona. Learn more about the challenge and download the guiding questions by clicking here. How is your district using the Equity Challenge?

ASBA saved over $600! Looking for ways to save your district money…Give Cost Control Associates a try.

Recently, ASBA engaged the services of Cost Control Associates to conduct an audit of our telecom and cellular services.  By providing their staff with some basic information on our current plan and pricing, they were able to review other plans and comparing previous pricing structures with current structures.  Not only were they able to reduce our monthly fee, we also were able to upgrade our internet speed!  ASBA realized a total savings of $612 per year.  If they can save our small association that amount, imagine what they can do for a district with multiple locations!

For more information or to contact a representative, visit their website at You have nothing to lose and only money to gain!

ASBA Events

Register now! 2017 County Meetings, September 19-October 25, 2017

Registration is open for the ASBA County Meetings which begin September 19 – October 25, 2017, and will provide opportunities for ASBA officers and staff to share state-level issues and celebrate board member training accomplishments with the Superior Training Accomplishments & Recognition (STAR) Awards. View your county invitation and agenda now.

Legislative Workshop is back with vengeance! November 17, 2017

Registration for Legislative Workshop opens October 10, 2017. This fast-paced, one- day conference is back with a special focus on “School Choice: Perception vs. Reality.” Members will receive a detailed analysis on school choice and long-term consequences. A preview of the coming legislative session and tips for communicating with your local elected officials, public updates on the 110th Arizona Town Hall and other topics that impact K-12 education will also be presented. More details will soon be provided on the ASBA website.

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