DR_TIMOTHY_OGLEToday Dr. Timothy L. Ogle, executive director of the Arizona School Boards Association, shared the following message with the association’s members:

This morning, we at ASBA, like you, are taking time to reflect on the outcomes of yesterday’s election and what they will be mean to our schools, local communities, state
and nation. The full effects may not be clear for some time, but there are a few things that we know:

Arizona public school leaders have been diligently tackling the challenges of raising academic standards and identifying and rewarding top performing teachers, all while implementing the deepest cuts to K-12 education in America.

With the defeat of Proposition 204 and the expiration of the temporary one-cent sales tax in May 2013, students are at risk, and progress on important education reforms like implementation of the Arizona Common Core Standards and teacher and principal evaluations is in jeopardy. This status quo funding scenario means no new dollars to restore the hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts to K-12 education made over the past five years and a funding level that will continue to lose ground to inflation. We now face a continued loss of over $650 million every year to Arizona’s public schools.
Talks must begin right away to find a funding solution that will prevent further dramatic impacts to K-12 education. ASBA will begin engaging immediately with legislative leaders and the governor to address short- and long-term funding issues for our public schools, to restore funding that has been cut and to increase resources for key education reforms to levels that will lead to success.
In our view, the need is urgent, especially if we are to meet the ambitious goals for gains to student achievement that local districts and we, as a state, have set for ourselves.
We look forward to working with you side-by-side in these efforts.