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ASBA Messages

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Dear ASBA Members,

We have important and timely information that we would like to share with you.

ASBA is pleased about the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that occurred today that allows school boards to continue to exercise local decision making, based on local conditions, in determining whether to have a mask requirement in their schools.  

The ruling indicated it was illegal for lawmakers to pack legislative changes into a handful of budget bills. ASBA believes this ruling will force the Legislature in engaging in honest budget making for the good of the state, free of legislative logrolling (the practice of exchanging favors) that results in bad public policy that does not have majority public support. 

ASBA is part of a coalition of education and children’s advocacy organizations, as well as many impacted individuals, in challenging the anti-mask mandate law.  

ASBA joined this lawsuit because this case is about local school boards being able to make the best choice for their students, staff and community. 

ASBA is your association, and we will continue to advocate for our member districts to have the opportunity to make the best choices for their communities. 


Dr. Sheila Harrison-Williams, 

ASBA Executive Director