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ASBA Messages

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The election of secretary, treasurer and president-elect was held at the ASBA Annual Business Meeting on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021, in conjunction with the ASBA-ASA Annual Conference. ASBA bylaw results were also announced.  

The ASBA bylaw amendment passed. There were 173 districts that voted, passage required a YES from 2/3 of ASBA’s 223 district member boards and 149 YES votes were required for passage. ASBA received 154 YES votes and 19 NO votes.   The passing of this amendment will now create a seat on the ASBA Board of Directors so that Hispanic and Native American interests can be represented simultaneously on the board.

Currently, there is one seat on the ASBA Board of Directors designated for a representative of the HNAIC and it alternates every two years between Hispanic representation and Native American representation, creating gaps in representation.   This bylaw change also provides the flexibility for the HNAIC to split into two distinct groups in the future if its members so choose and allows those groups to change their names and be recognized under the new names.  

The elected officers for 2022 include:

James Bryce, Solomon ESD

Desiree Fowler, Page USD

Tadeo De La Hoya, Gadsden ESD

The elected officers will join President Monica Trejo (Tempe ESD) and Past-President Ann O’Brien (Deer Valley USD) to form the executive committee of the ASBA Board of Directors.

Each position is held for a one-year term. The officers serve on the board alongside 17 county directors and ex officio voting members that include caucus and alliance presidents. Applications were reviewed by the ASBA Nominating Committee, which is comprised of a diverse group of currently serving board members from throughout the state.

No interviews were required. The nominating committee reviewed eligibility requirements. The committee was charged with putting forth a slate of all eligible candidates for each position: president-elect, treasurer and secretary. All individuals who applied were moved forward by the nominating committee and included in the ASBA Voter Guide.