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The Why and Importance of Our Rebrand

Welcome to ASBA’s Rebranding Journey!

As an organization that has continually evolved and grown over the years, we want to take a moment to share with you the compelling reasons behind our decision to embark on a transformative rebranding journey encompassing a new logo, messaging, and overall image with the goal of aligning it more effectively with its evolving goals and target audience.

Change is not just about aesthetics; it’s about ensuring that our outward identity aligns with our core values and mission. The world around us is constantly changing, and it’s crucial that we adapt to remain not only relevant but also effective in our commitment to support our schools and communities.

Our collective vision for the future of education in Arizona is the driving force behind the brand we’re building.

The Why and Importance of Our Rebrand

Our rebranding effort is an investment in our collective future, and it will allow us to communicate our identity more effectively. By doing so, we can amplify our impact in the education sector, ultimately enabling us to better serve you, our esteemed members, and the broader community.

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of engaging with our members and the wider community. Our rebranding process is a collective endeavor, and your insights and perspectives play a pivotal role in shaping our new identity. We want our brand to be a reflection of our shared vision for the future of education in Arizona.

This rebranding is about strengthening our commitment, enhancing our representation and ensuring that we are positioned to face the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities in education. We want you to be at the heart of this change, to have a stake in it and to see the positive impact it will have on our organization and the communities we serve.

Our rebranding journey is driven by several important factors:

Embracing Educational Evolution

  • In an ever-evolving educational landscape, both within Arizona and across the nation, ASBA recognizes the necessity to stay ahead of the curve. Our commitment to adapt and grow is unwavering. The rebranding initiative stands as a testament to our dedication to remaining relevant and effective, ensuring that we can better support the diverse needs of schools and communities in an ever-changing environment.

Representing Arizona’s Entire Educational Tapestry

  • To serve our member districts effectively, we understand the importance of being a true reflection of Arizona’s rich diversity. Our rebranding efforts aim to encapsulate and represent the unique characteristics and aspirations of our member districts spread across the state. By embracing this diversity, we strengthen our ability to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by schools in every corner of Arizona.

Fostering Collaborative Impact

  • At ASBA, we believe that our collective impact is more potent when we collaborate with our stakeholders. This includes our esteemed members and the broader community. We place significant importance on engagement and feedback from every corner of the educational ecosystem. By involving everyone in the rebranding process, we build a brand that authentically represents our shared vision for the future of education in Arizona. This collaboration is the cornerstone of our process to amplify our impact and collectively shape the future of education in our state.

A Collaborative Journey: Involving Members and Non-Members

At ASBA, our rebranding journey has been marked by a deep commitment to collaboration and inclusivity. We believe that our collective identity should reflect the diverse voices and needs of our member districts across the entire state of Arizona.

Inclusive Input through Online Surveys

  • Our first step in this process was to invite all our stakeholders, including members and non-members, to have their say. We conducted online surveys to gather valuable insights and opinions. This allowed us to tap into a broad spectrum of perspectives, ensuring that our rebranding process is truly representative of our educational community.

Face-to-Face Engagement at Key Events

  • We also took the opportunity to connect in person. During our Law Conference and Fall County Meetings, we engaged in face-to-face conversations with our members and non-members. These events provided us with invaluable direct feedback and enriched our understanding of what the ASBA brand means to our community.

The ASBA Branding Committee: A Diverse Representation

  • To ensure that the final aspects of our rebranding resonate with our entire state, we formed the ASBA Branding Committee. This committee consists of dedicated members and non-members who come from various regions of Arizona. Their purpose is to provide feedback and insights into the rebranding process, ensuring that it aligns with the unique characteristics and aspirations of our member districts.

With the invaluable contributions of this committee and the active participation of our members and non-members, we are building a brand that truly represents our collective vision for the future of education in Arizona.

A Glance into ASBA’s Rich History (View the ASBA History Book)

  • No history of the Arizona School Boards Association is complete without recounting a particular warm Saturday in May 1948. On this significant day, representatives from all but four Arizona counties gathered with unwavering dedication. They listened intently as the proposed constitution for the new organization was read, setting the stage for ASBA’s remarkable journey.
  • As recounted in “Celebrating 50 Years of Service,” a publication commemorating ASBA’s 40-year anniversary in 1989, this historic gathering was nothing short of inspiring. Participants scrutinized, revised, and reworked words and ideas with meticulous care, voting on each paragraph individually. Among those named in the meeting minutes as present that day were visionaries such as Dr. Charles W. Sechrist of Flagstaff, who presided over the meeting, and Dr. O.K. Garretson of Tucson, who delivered an impassioned opening speech.
  • Dr. Clarence Gunter of Globe, the author of the proposed constitution, played a pivotal role, alongside esteemed individuals like Albert Sander of Roosevelt, Arthur Softley of Tucson, Earl Spitler of Jerome, Dr. Taylor Hicks of Prescott, Earl Stone of Phoenix, Nat Dysart of Peoria, Madeline Young of Quartzsite, and Dr. W.R. Davis of Douglas. Their collective efforts ensured that the Executive Council would not be granted excessive spending power, that the Legislative Committee could act promptly, and that discussions on membership and dues were thorough and fair. Then, they voted, and it was done.
  • On May 15, 1948, the Arizona State-wide School Board Association was born. This momentous occasion marked the foundation of an organization that would go on to play a pivotal role in shaping Arizona’s educational landscape.
  • Over the years, ASBA has evolved, and it adopted a new logo in the mid-1980s and again in 2012. Our history is a testament to the passion, dedication and collaborative spirit of our members and stakeholders who have worked tirelessly to advance the cause of quality education in Arizona.

Next Phase

Using the feedback we have collected, we are currently in the phase of logo, color pallet and tagline development. All three will be unveiled during the ASBA Annual Conference, Dec. 6-8, 2023. The collaborative spirit of our organization and the engagement of our diverse community have been the driving forces behind our rebranding efforts. Together, we are creating a brand that embodies our shared commitment to quality education, innovation and community engagement. Stay with us as we continue this exciting adventure towards a brighter future for education in Arizona.