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Attention Super Users!

Join ASBA PolicyBridge Regional Trainings for FREE to Supercharge Your Expertise!  

Policy Services Team

Hey, Super Users! Are you ready to take your knowledge and leadership to the next level without spending a dime? ASBA PolicyBridge Regional Trainings are here, and they won’t cost you a cent.

Why ASBA PolicyBridge Regional Training is a Super User’s Dream (for Free!): ASBA Policy Bridge is your express lane to mastering education policies, governance and leadership. Our regional trainings are designed with Super Users in mind, offering the latest insights and strategies for navigating the dynamic education landscape, and the best part? They are absolutely FREE! 

Here’s Why Super Users Shouldn’t Miss Out: 

Learn from the Best for Free: Gain wisdom from the ASBA policy experts with extensive experience in educational governance without any cost. 

Hands-On Workshops: Roll up your sleeves and dive into interactive workshops and group discussions that match your skill level, all at no expense. 

Expand Your Super Network for Free: Connect with fellow Super Users, share your experiences and build a powerful professional network. 

Stay Ahead of the Game (for Free!): Keep your edge with the most up-to-date trends and policies in the education arena, all for free. 

Customized for Super Users (Did We Mention It’s Free?): Our content is tailored to meet the unique needs of those who already know the ropes, and yes, it’s still FREE! 

📅 Upcoming 2024 Regional Trainings

Central AZ:
Wednesday, February 7 – Tolleson Union High School District 

Southern AZ:
Thursday, April 11 – Sunnyside Unified School District            
Friday, April 12 –  Tombstone Unified School District 

Northern AZ:
Monday, June 10 – Holbrook Unified School District  
Tuesday, June 11 – Prescott Unified School District  

Exciting News: Unveil the New Super User Mascot and Get Free Super Swag!  

We have a special treat for you! During our regional trainings, we will unveil our brand-new Super User Mascot, a symbol of your expertise and dedication. As a bonus, all attendees will receive FREE super swag to showcase your Super User status proudly. 

Don’t Miss Our Exclusive Super User Offer (for Free!): Register in mid January 2024 for a special early-bird discount tailored just for you, and remember, it’s all for FREE! 

Ready to Register and Level Up (for Free)? In mid January 2024, head to ASBA Events on our website at to secure your spot and embark on your journey towards supercharged education leadership without spending a single penny! 

Questions from a Super User Perspective? ASBA’s Policy Team is ready to assist you at 602-254-1100

Join us and become a Super User shaping the future of education for FREE! ASBA PolicyBridge – Connecting Knowledge, Bridging Super Leadership.