Statement from Dr. Tim Ogle, executive director of the Arizona School Boards Association, on today’s Arizona Supreme Court decision in Cave Creek Unified School District v. Ducey, which upheld the legal provision in Proposition 301, the referendum passed by Arizona voters in 2000, that requires the Arizona Legislature to fund the K-12 education budget to annually account for inflation:

“Today, after four years of lobbying and legal challenges to get the Legislature to do not just what’s right for Arizona, but what’s required by law, we are gratified by the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision. First and foremost, this is a victory for the voters of the state of Arizona, but, by extension, it is also a victory for the children of our state, who have seen their educations de-funded because of disregard of the law. We hope our elected representatives get the message loud and clear: when the voters pass something, you are bound to uphold it.”

ASBA, a private, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting locally elected governance of public education and continuous improvement of student success, led the coalition of education organizations in the legal effort to compel the Legislature to fulfill its obligation to fund inflation.

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