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Board members, obtain CEU credit for attending webinars hosted by ASBA & ASBA-recognized groups, such as ASA, NSBA, AASA, AASBO, ABEC, CUBE, Celebrating Educational Opportunities and ADE, etc. If there is no specific evaluation/CEU request form below, click here for a generic CEU Credit Request Form.

April 2020

Advancing Equity Through Deeper Learning: Gifted Education

Managing Board Meetings During COVID-19

March 2020

School Board Service Webinar – Getting on the Ballot, Fundraising, and Campaigning

ASBA/AASBO Legislative Update on school closures, budget and more

ADE Presentation – Special Education Considerations

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ADE COVID-19 Response Updates

Systematic Approaches to Trauma Informed Education Supports

February 2020

Census Webinar

What is the 2020 Census?

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Advancing Equity Through Deeper Learning: Allies (What is an Ally?)

School Board Service Webinar – General Overview

Making the Case for Trauma Informed Education Supports

January 2020

Understanding Trauma in Our Schools

Advancing Equity Through Deeper Learning: Rural/Remote

Why Rural Matters

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How Information and Opportunity Gaps Limit College-Going in Rural Arizona

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