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Contact Julie Bacon for ASBA Leadership Development Training & Board Support  

Julie Bacon

Please welcome back, Julie Bacon, who will be working with ASBA on a consulting basis to provide leadership development training, board support services, content development for conferences and events as well as lead superintendent searches. 

ASBA offers individualized training and professional development opportunities throughout the year that enhance the work of Arizona governing boards and encourage continued learning and improvement. Trainings are offered when and where you need them.

Popular sessions include:

  • In Board Self-Evaluation Part 1, the board reviews evaluation results with a neutral facilitator who can help guide the conversation to build consensus around focus areas the board would like to address. During Part 2, the facilitator helps the board create goals and objectives.
  • For Board Operations and Communications Protocols, a facilitator helps the board develop and document protocols for communication with each other, staff and the community. This training helps build trust, team cohesion and expectations for communication between the board and superintendent, staff, students, community members, as well as before, during and after meetings, during emergencies, school visits and community meetings.
  • At an Overview of Strategic Planning session, a facilitator guides your board and superintendent team through a review of the strategic planning process, the importance of community involvement, the district’s current mission, vision, values, goals and available data and helps the
  • team identify strengths and needs. An additional session would help the leadership team create a timeline for next steps, including the development of strategic goals.
  • A Team Member Style training helps build good working relationships with your leadership team by learning about four team member styles, identifying strengths and trouble spots of each style and gaining insights on working with other styles on the team. The materials used during this session are by HRDQ. The team will have the opportunity to discuss their styles with one another.

In addition, ASBA Leadership Development and Board Support Services offers 2-hour professional development sessions that help your team:

  • Identify ways to have productive and effective board meetings
  • Examine the different but interconnected roles and responsibilities of the superintendent and board
  • Learn more about team member style and building good working relationships
  • Assist the board to develop criteria for a superintendent search to become search ready
  • A facilitator-led session Educational Equity (Overview) using ASBA’s Leading for Equity Framework that provides steps boards can take to create conditions where every student can succeed
  • A facilitated superintendent evaluation training where the board and superintendent discuss the board’s or ASBA’s new superintendent evaluation tool and best practices that enhance superintendent and district performance

ASBA also provides 3-hour facilitator-led training on board operations and communications protocols, board self-evaluation parts 1 and 2 and strategic planning overview as described above.

Upcoming professional development opportunities include:

For more information or to set up a training, please contact ASBA Consultant Julie Bacon at email or call (602) 254-1100.