Friday, January 25, 2019

Day 12

Recap of Week 2

Due to MLK Day, we only had one committee hearing this week– Senate Education. Some of the notable bills were SB 1065, which allows funding for 9th grade and students one year after high school graduation enrolled in CTED courses. There was also considerable discussion on Senator Allen’s tax proposal, SB 1080, which would increase Prop 301 to a full cent and alter some of the distribution formula. Also of note is SB 1073, the school district consolidation bill that ASBA is opposed to. SB 1073 was discussed in committee, but voting was postponed until next week, pending further amendments. Head over to Capitol Impact for our staff summaries of all the bills we heard this week.

Federal Updates

ASBA senior staff and board members will be in Washington, DC next week with NSBA. They will be meeting with our Senators and Representatives on the hill to discuss our political agenda and priorities this year. And speaking of the federal government: this afternoon, after 35 days of this government shutdown, President Trump announced the “re-opening” of the federal government- albeit, only to shut down again on the 15th of February if no deal is made amongst Congress. Congress should be approving all of the spending bills as soon as possible to resume normal operations and will begin discussions over the next 3 weeks about border security and what a compromise might look like.

Next Week’s Agendas

House Education 


Senate Education