Daily In Session Update 1/26/2021

by | Jan 27, 2021

January 26, 2021
Day 16
House Education
HB 2174 Project rocket pilot program; appropriations (Udall) passed as amended 9-1 ASBA is monitoring
HB 2175 Schools; residency documentation; policies (Dunn) passed 9-1 ASBA is monitoring.
HB 2183 Public service scholarship fund (Blackman) passed 9-1 ASBA is monitoring.
HB 2210 School functions; food; beverages (D. Hernandez) passed 10-0 ASBA supports.
HB 2241 Schools; instruction; Holocaust; genocides (A. Hernandez) passed 10-0 ASBA supports.
HB 2259 common school districts; unification; budget (Osborne) passed as amended 10-0 ASBA supports.
HB 2268 Schools; total compensation statements (Grantham) passed 10-0 ASBA is monitoring.
HB 2301 CTEDs; letter grades; exclusion (Blackman) passed 10-0 ASBA supports.
HB 2402 Schools; test results; letter classification (Udall) passed 10-0 ASBA supports.
HB 2403 Schools; performance evaluations (Udall) passed 9-1 ASBA supports.
Senate Education
SB 1058 Schools; learning materials; activities (Barto) passed as amended 5-3 ASBA opposes.
SB 1148 Common school districts; unification; budget (Kerr) passed as amended 8-0. ASBA supports.
SB 1164 Schools; audits; financial records; budgets (Boyer) passed 8-0. ASBA is neutral.
SB 1165 Schools; performance evaluations (Boyer) passed 8-0 ASBA supports.
SB 1178 Schools; test results; letter classification (Boyer) passed 7-1 ASBA supports.
SB 1189 Special education; group B weights (Engel) passed 8-0. ASBA supports.
Sb 1227 Study committee on class size (Marsh) passed as amended 6-2. ASBA supports.
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