Daily In Session Update 1/29/2021

by | Feb 9, 2021

January 29, 2021 
Day 19
Legislative Recap: Week 3
This week, two of the bills ASBA is supporting as part of a COVID relief package passed through committee. HB 2402/SB 1178 puts a pause on assigning A-F letter grades for this school year and next. HB 2403/SB 1165 makes teacher and principal performance evaluations optional for this school year. We also saw the first COW and 3rd Read calendars of the year this week. The following bills passed out of their chamber of origin yesterday:
HB 2018 schools; audits; financial records; budgets passed the House 58-0. ASBA is neutral.
HB 2020 schools; child care; reduced fees passed the House 41-17. ASBA supports.
HB 2021 college course credit; dual enrollment passed the House 58-0. ASBA is monitoring.
HB 2023 schools; employees; employment; discipline passed the House 58-0 and its mirror passed the Senate 29-0. It is ready for the Governor’s signature. ASBA supports.
HB 2024 CTEDs; internships; funding passed the House 58-0. ASBA supports.
HB 2055 career technical education; projects fund passed the House 57-2. ASBA supports.
HB 2061 CTEDs; nonprofits; postsecondary institutions; agreements passed the House 59-0. ASBA supports.
HB 2135 schools; state board; rules; modularization passed the House 56-3. ASBA is monitoring.
HCR 2005 English language education; requirements passed the House 58-1. ASBA supports.
SB 1028 alternative assessment; special education passed the Senate 28-1. ASBA supports.
SB 1097 pupils; excused absences; mental health passed the Senate 29-0. ASBA is neutral.
SB 1139 classroom site fund; distribution passed the Senate 29-0. ASBA supports.