Monday, February 10, 2020

Day 29



House Education

HB 2019 CTEDs; nonprofits; postsecondary institutions; agreements (Fillmore) passed 10-0. ASBA supports.

HB 2105 schools; child care; reduced fees (Udall) passed 10-0. ASBA supports.

HB 2106 schools; audits; financial records; budgets (Udall) passed 11-0. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2222 CTEDs; internships; funding (Udall) passed 13-0. ASBA supports.

HB 2360 vocational and technical education; evaluations (Toma) passed 10-0. ASBA is monitoring.

HB 2381 CTEDs; letter grades; exclusion (Blackman) passed 11-0. ASBA supports.

HB 2387 continuing high school program (Udall) passed 11-1. ASBA is monitoring.

HB 2443 career, technical education; projects fund (Kern) passed 10-0. ASBA supports.

HB 2484 department of education; career information (Carroll) passed 10-0. ASBA is monitoring.

HB 2639 public service scholarship fund (Blackman) passed 10-1-1. ASBA is monitoring.

HB 2678 CTEDs; district governing boards; elections (Udall) passed 10-0. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2741 CTEDs; fourth-year funding (Udall) passed as amended 12-0. ASBA supports.

HB 2762 project rocket pilot program; appropriations (Udall) passed as amended 9-2-1. ASBA supports.

Floor Action

HB 2013 schools; student promotions (Fillmore) failed 29-31. ASBA is opposed.

   #LegislativeLegit: ACES and Project Rocket
Next Monday: Rural Advocacy Day!

February 17, 2020 

Registration is open for the event formerly known as Lobby Day. Advocacy Day 2020 will have a special focus on issues faced by remote and rural school districts. Registration is FREE and open to board members, superintendents, and others who want to sharpen their advocacy skills.