Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Day 37



Senate Education

SB 1076 graduation; delinquent juveniles; incorrigible children (Brophy McGee) passed 9-0. ASBA is monitoring.

SB 1446 student identification cards; suicide prevention (Bowie) passed 9-0. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1448 schools; required posting; abuse hotline (Mesnard) passed 9-0. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1503 school employees; pupils; electronic communication (Boyer) passed as amended 8-0. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1544 schools; dyslexia; literacy; appropriations (Borrelli) passed 6-1. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1587 pupils; unpaid school meal fees (Quezada) passed as amended 6-0. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1593 teachers; braille literacy; rules (Pace) passed as amended 7-0. ASBA is monitoring.

House Elections

HB 2125 districts; initiatives; litigation; prohibition (Thorpe) passed 5-4. ASBA is opposed.

Floor Action 

HB 2448 public schools; innovation plans (Udall) passed the House 31-29. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1526 schools districts; aggregate expenditure limitation (Leach) passed the Senate 30-0. ASBA is monitoring.

SCR 1034 aggregate expenditure limitation; school districts (Leach) passed the Senate 29-1. ASBA is monitoring.

SCR 1035 school districts; expenditure limit; authorization (Leach) passed the Senate 29-1. ASBA is monitoring.

  HB 2898 (empowerment scholarships; qualified schools; parent) is scheduled for the House Appropriations committee tomorrow. Please click here to email the committee abour your opposition to voucher expansions of any kind.