Daily In Session Update 2/2/2021

by | Feb 9, 2021

Tuesday, February 2, 2021 
Day 23
House Education
HB 2125 Schools; pupil suspensions and expulsions (Udall) passed as amended 8-2. ASBA is opposed.
HB 2179 New school facilities; additional funding passed as amended 10-0. (Udall) ASBA supports.
HB 2405 Continuing high school program (Udall) passed as amended 7-3. ASBA is monitoring.
HB 2555 SFB; department of administration (Udall) passed as amended 7-2. ASBA is neutral. 
HB 2638 Education programs; county jails; appropriation (Shah) passed 10-0. ASBA supports.
HB 2669 Appropriation; elementary school district (John) passed 9-0. ASBA supports.
HB 2705 Schools; dress codes; graduation ceremonies(Teller) passed 10-0. ASBA is neutral. 
 HCR 2025 School districts; expenditure limit; authorization (Udall) passed 8-1. ASBA supports.

Senate Education
SB 1174 Appropriation; STEM internships (Bowie) passed 7-0. ASBA is monitoring.
SB 1179 CTEDs; fourth-year funding (Mesnard) passed 7-0. ASBA supports.
SB 1295 Advanced placement courses; exams; appropriations (Shope) passed as amended 8-0. ASBA supports.
SB 1302 CTEDs; average daily membership(Shope) passed 8-0. ASBA supports. 
SB 1311 CTEDs; letter grades; exclusion (Shope) passed 8-0. ASBA supports.
SB 1376 Schools; curriculum; mental health (Bowie) passed 8-0. ASBA is neutral. 
SB 1452 Arizona empowerment scholarships accounts; revisions (Boyer) passed as amended 5-3. ASBA is opposed.

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