Friday, February 22, 2019

Day 40

News from Week 6

This week saw the longest agendas and some of the most divisive bills of session. In fact, three bills (SB1458, SB1114, SB1459) failed to pass through Senate Education on Tuesday, the only bills to fail Ed committee thus far.

However, we also saw some good bills get passed through. Some highlights: SB1071, improving personnel evaluations and giving flexibility back to the governing boards, and SB1394 with some reforms to charter school procurement and transparency, passed through this week. In the House, the school safety plan (HB2597), the employer discipline bill (HB2015), and the new Udall/Brophy McGee Prop 301 plan (HB2563) all passed through, after much debate. So now, we’ve mostly seen the extent of the legislation we’re dealing with for the year, aside from the possibility of some strike-everything amendments in coming weeks. With floor action being the next few days’ main focus, we will soon see what has a chance of making it to the finish line.

House and Senate Education committees will not be meeting next week, but the Appropriations agendas in both chambers have some education-related strike-everything amendments, so we’ve linked to those agendas on the right.

Head over to Capitol Impact for our staff summaries of all the bills we heard this week.

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Do you have Facebook? If so, tune in every Friday at 3pm to chat with us live on our our weekly Advocacy Update. If not, check out our gallery of past updates here. They are always a surprise. Also, for those who watched today, the two bills Chris and Leigh couldn’t remember the numbers of were SB 1318 (dyslexia screening) and SB 1456 (Vision Screening).