Daily In Session Update 3/11/19

by | Mar 11, 2019

Monday, March 11, 2019

Day 57

Things you need to know:

  • 4 Bills Passed House Education
  • 2 Bills Passed Third Read
  • 1 Bill Failed to Pass Third Read

Passed House Education

SB 1048 community colleges; admissions criteria (Carter) passed as amended 13-0. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1174 Arizona health education centers; increase (Carter) passed 13-0. ASBA is monitoring.

SB 1184 schools; economics; personal financial management (Allen) passed 12-0. ASBA is neutral.

SB 1230 extraordinary special education needs fund (Allen) passed 13-0. ASBA supports.

Passed Third Read

HB 2186 school meals; unpaid fees (Udall) passed as amended 46-14. ASBA is neutral.

HB 2709 CTEDs; nonprofits; private postsecondary institutions (Fernandez) passed as amended 60-0. ASBA supports.

Failed to Pass Third Read

HB 2364 school supplies grant pilot program(Toma) failed to pass by a vote of 29-31. ASBA is neutral.