Daily In Session Update 5/23/19

by | May 23, 2019

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Day 130

Budget Watch 2019

Little progress was made on passing the budget today. Both chambers second read the budget bills and then voted on a few unrelated measures. President Fann advised the Senate to plan to work through Friday, and perhaps through Saturday and Monday as both chambers work to secure enough votes for passage.

Click here to view ASBA’s spreadsheet of the proposed K-12 investments.

Click hereto read ASBA’s summary of the K-12 Budget Reconciliation Bill Provisions.

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A note on SB 1545 empowerment scholarships; qualified schools

As described in yesterday’s update, ASBA supported this bill as a limited fix to a unique situation, and to head off another piece of legislation that would have expressly allowed the use of ESA monies at an out of state private school under certain circumstances on a permanent basis, and harmed the ability of the ADE to effectively enforce the law. As it is, these bills DO NOT expand the ESA program and offer a solution to avoid financial hardship to a limited number of families who believed they were within the law. This fix allows them one year to find another placement of their choice within Arizona as the law requires. It also preserves ADE’s authority to independently oversee the program. We appreciate the leadership of Sen. Jamescita Peshlakai and Reps. Myron Tsose and Arlando Teller of LD7 on this bill and are happy to support them in this effort.