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On behalf of Arizona School Boards Association, Arizona Education Association and Arizona Schools Administrators

Dear ASBA Members,

We have important and timely information that we would like to share with you.

A judge today ruled that Phoenix Union High School District did not violate state law by requiring masks in all their facilities because the effective date of the state ban on masking does not take effect until Sept. 29, 2021.  We have been asked about the practical effect on other districts seeking to require masks. We believe that if a district chooses to require masks, there is little legal risk to do so until Sept. 29.

Please note that the legality of the ban after Sept. 29 has not yet been decided. The Arizona School Boards Association, Arizona Education Association and a group of others are challenging the ban in court to ensure districts have the power to make decisions about masking locally after that date.

We continue to advocate and represent students, families and staff members in public school districts across Arizona as they deal with the challenges of the pandemic.


Dr. Sheila Harrison-Williams,

ASBA Executive Director 

Dr. Harrison Williams